WATCH: Nearly 100 Confiscated Dirt Bikes Get Destroyed by Bulldozer

by TK Sanders

New York City officials bulldozed dozens of dirt bikes and ATVs earlier this week in a massive, hyperbolic photo op by local politicians. Mayor Eric Adams said he’s determined to keep the vehicles off the street because of the danger they pose.

At a glance

  • NYC Mayor Eric Adams bulldozed 92 dirt bikes and other recreational vehicles this week
  • Adams said the bikes do not belong in the city because they terrorize citizens
  • The NYPD has confiscated nearly twice as many of the vehicles as last year, and it’s only June

Adams ordered 92 perfectly good vehicles pulverized by a bulldozer at the Erie Basin Auto Pound off Gowanus Bay in Brooklyn. Though the bikes were not street-legal in the heavily-regulated city, they had no working issues, and could have easily benefitted some sort of community somewhere.

Instead, they’re now trash, headed for a landfill, according to the New York Post.

“The NYPD heard the call. And they did a Herculean task to get rid of these loud, intimidating, dangerous and illegal dirt bikes and ATVs that roam our streets,” Adams said at a press conference. “For years, we’ve witnessed what happens when they go under control or we do not enforce. They continue to grow over and over and over again.

“And I’m not going to give up on my promise and commitments to rid our streets of these bikes and make all of our boroughs a place where people can move about,” he said. “As you can see from the number of bikes here today, we are making good on our promise.”

According to Mayor Eric Adams, dirt bikes and motorcycles do not belong in New York City

Though only 92 bikes were used at the time, Adams said close to 900 bikes have been removed by the NYPD this year alone — nearly double last year’s tally. He then went on to call the inanimate objects “destructive” and “terrorizing.”

“Today, as we stand in the shadow of the Freedom Tower, we are freeing ourselves from these destructive piece[s] of machinery that’s on our streets,” Adams added. “They will be crushed today. This way they can never terrorize our city again, each and every one of them. We will turn them into scrap metal.”

Ironically, the same week that Adams made a public display of demolishing motorcycles, a full-sized taxi cab ran over six people in the city. In the aftermath of the accident, about 20 bystanders rushed to help the two victims who found themselves pinned under the taxi when it stopped. The group of people physically lifted the car off of the victims, who both suffered severe lower body injuries.

“As this occurs, a remarkable scene took place,” NYPD Deputy Police Chief John Chell said. “About 15 to 20 New Yorkers attempted to take this cab off these women.”

A witness said the taxi hit a cyclist first. Then the cab took out a row of people sitting outside of a restaurant on the sidewalk.

“Everybody rushed over and lifted the taxi off of the two women trapped underneath. One woman’s legs looked mangled. A guy took off his belt and tied it around her leg to stop the bleeding,” the witness said.