WATCH: Nevada Police Help Celebrate Fourth Birthday of Fallen Trooper’s Son

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Nevada police officers recently helped celebrate a fallen trooper’s son’s fourth birthday. Reports say that officers from every branch of law enforcement showed up with a surprise. With that said, they turned on their flashing lights, sirens, and had orange balloons attached to their vehicles.

ABC reported that there were at least 60 units from four agencies joining the celebration.

There’s nothing more special than seeing a smile on a little kid’s face. The little boy, Raylan May, and his family loved every minute of this moment, especially his mother, Joanna May.

According to 3News, Joanna May said, “I can’t thank them enough for doing this. We are truly blessed.”

“It really means a lot that they came out to celebrate Raylan’s birthday because without Micah it’s really hard,” Joanna told 3News. “I’m holding back the tears.”

How Trooper Micah May Passed Away

Last July, Trooper Micah May died from a vehicle collision while on a chase.

Additionally, the officers helped the family celebrate their daughter’s birthday in October. And Joanna May is overjoyed with these celebrations.

“They actually did it for Melody when she turned one and that was huge,” Joanna added in her interview with 3News. “I did not expect it. That was huge!”

A spokesperson for Nevada State Police, Trooper Ashlee Wellman, shared her thoughts with 3News.

“This is what the blue family represents. We’re always going to be there for them, even though their father isn’t here physically. It’s up to us to remind him that his father is a hero and we remind him constantly.”

Country Music Superstar George Strait Takes Time to Honor Police Officers in an Interview Series

Despite the recent backlash that police officers receive, there are still a lot of genuine cops out there. Country music legend George Strait takes an opportunity to honor police officers in a special song of his. Most of his fans appreciate his passion for our first responders.

“The Weight of the Badge” spotlight interview series is his latest idea. Check out the video below.

Chief of Police, Joseph Sinagra, shares his story before the song begins in the YouTube video. Sinagra said he never intended to follow through with this career. For several years, he worked as a paramedic until another officer asked him if he’s ever thought about becoming an officer.

“I always felt that I wanted to be part of the change,” Sinagra said. “I consider myself to be a little bit of a change-maker.”