WATCH: Nursing Home Residents, Staff Go ‘Deer Hunting’ With Nerf Guns

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Ingolf König-Jablonski/picture alliance via Getty Images)

One nursing home is bringing the outdoors to its residents and staff. Instead of thinking outside the box, these nursing home staffers are creating a box of their own. Deer hunting, a sport that’s reserved for the outdoors, is being modified and played inside.

Staff at the Continental Manor in Blanchester, Ohio are dressing up as deer and letting the residents take aim at them with Nerf guns. The employees are going above and beyond to create some holiday cheer especially during a time when visitors are limited at nursing homes.

Video from the Continental Manor is going viral of the “deer hunting” game. The video shows residents laughing and shooting Nerf darts at the staff. The employees are dressed as deer and wind in and out of the Christmas trees that are set up. The “deer” fall to the floor once hit and some of the staff yell, “you got me.”

“Residents had fun deer hunting today!” wrote the Continental Manor on the post.

Furthermore, these staffers further the sense of community and encourage the residents with positive coaching.

Nursing Home Residents Are Going Viral

Social media is loving what the staffers are doing at Continental Manor. The video is being shared hundreds of times on Twitter and users are sharing their thoughts about the deer hunting game.

“I need more of this news,” this user writes. A couple of photos of the residents are in the post.

This person writes “I wanna play.”

Additionally, this person is finding holiday joy in the clip. They write, “Dare you not to smile!”

“Need something to smile about? Try this… Listen to that laughter! All of them are having the time of their lives, included the hilarious ‘hunted deer’,” shares this Twitter user in the comments.