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Watch: Ohio Sheriff Offers Funding for Travel for Celebrities Who Want to Leave US if Donald Trump is Re-elected

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A number of celebrities have claimed they will leave the United States if Donald Trump is re-elected president next month. An Ohio sheriff said he’s willing to help raise money for them to go and “make a better life” in another country.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted a video on Facebook earlier this week offering to raise money for celebrities like Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and singer John Legend who have made similar threats. Jones says the United States is the greatest country in the world and angry people would try to “tear (it) down.” So, he jokes, he decided to get involved.

“If there’s any way that I can help, I’m not a rich person, but I would be willing to throw in $10 to help get you a flight or whatever it takes — a ship ride — to whatever country of your choice, and maybe you can make a better life there in that country,” Jones says in the viral video.


Jones said he felt compelled to respond to those “special people” because they dislike police and first responders.

‘This is the greatest country in the world to live, regardless of who the president is. You don’t always get to choose the winner that you vote for, but it’s the greatest country in the world to live,” he said.

‘We have great police, we have great first responders, but these people are trying to tear down our country.”

The Ohio sheriff wished them luck and good fortune on their travels. The only catch to this offer, Jones says, they can’t come back. “You must stay there and make a better life for yourself.”

But that, of course, is something he’s happy to facilitate.

“Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” Jones said.

Sheriff Jones Known For His Provocative Pronouncements

Sheriff Jones is well known for his outlandish media stunts and pronouncements. He’s even been featured on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” for his stance against police using Narcan, a drug that can save someone suffering from an opioid overdose. He made a Facebook post earlier this year proclaiming to protesters of police violence, “if you shoot at the police expect us to shoot back,” The Hill reported.

Fans on social media enjoyed Jones post on celebrities, and they appreciate his over-the-top antics.

“I hope they do leave!! Good luck making the money in another country that you make here. They should be ashamed,” a woman posted on Facebook. “No celebrities are leaving. They are just whining for attention,” someone else wrote.

“Awesome message. There are many of us that stand with you on this. We say good bye and good riddance. Don’t allow them to return to the United States,” another person posted.

Though some thought Sheriff Jones was also just seeking attention with these comments.