Watch: Paralyzed High School Football Player Scores Touchdown in One of Team’s Final Games

by Jennifer Shea

Brady Sprik scored the winning touchdown at his high school football team’s game last Friday. There was just one catch: Sprik had been paralyzed from the waist down.

Sprik attends Platte-Geddes High School in South Dakota. He changed into his jersey and joined during the fourth quarter of the team’s penultimate game of the season, according to Fox News.

A Harrowing Car Accident

In 2017, a car accident left Sprik paralyzed. He needed surgery to repair his broken back. Sprik also broke the top bone of his mouth and all but three of his teeth, and had to have significant dental reconstruction, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported. For eight weeks after the accident, he couldn’t move from the chest down.

Still, three years later, Platte-Geddes coach Bruce Hanson wanted to see Sprik take part in a game somehow. So Hanson hatched a plan.

The Winning Football Play

There were about nine minutes left in the game. Hanson had Sprik join the team on the field for their 1st-and-goal play.

With Sprik’s parents watching from the stands, Sprik wheeled out onto the football field. Then, with help from a few of his teammates, he stood up out of his chair, took the ball from the quarterback, and walked into the end zone.

Sprik’s father Troy was celebrating his 50th birthday, the Argus Leader reported. He had been so absorbed in the game that he hadn’t even realized his son was suiting up.

“It’s what (Brady) needed to reassure him that people still care and haven’t forgotten about him and what he’s going through,” Sprik’s mother Kristina told the Argus Leader. “It was the boost that he needed.”

Sprik’s road to recovery has been a long one, with stays at rehab facilities in Colorado, Platte and Sioux Falls. He had just returned from a place where he was being taught to live in a wheelchair when he moved his left leg. 

The high school senior has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to help his parents out. With the proceeds from that, he has bought a medical device that helps lift his right foot and a special treadmill. The family is currently considering a stem cell treatment that would cost about $7,500.

“It’s been a journey to say the least,” Sprik’s mother said. “Troy and I couldn’t be any more proud of him.”