WATCH: Paulina Gretzky Rocks Crop Top and Bike Shorts While Dancing with Dustin Johnson

by Suzanne Halliburton

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are showing off their silly, fun side as the year comes to a close.

Golf Digest posted a video clip of pro golf’s most famous couple this week. Paulina Gretzky is lip-synching to “Dilemma,” a song released by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. Gretzky, who is holding a driver like a microphone prop, is singing the Rowland part. Dustin Johnson pops up for the “aahs.”

Gretzky is wearing workout gear — a black sports bra and biker shorts. She also is sporting a golfing glove on her right hand. It’s a nice look.

Check it out. We’ll tell you more on the other side.

Paulina Gretzky Is More Than Just A Significant Other

Paulina Gretzky loves to share photos on her Instagram account. She is, after all, a part-time model and actress. The limelight loves her. She’s the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, maybe the greatest hockey player, ever. She and Dustin Johnson, one of the top golfers in the world, got engaged in 2013.

There’s also even more attention on Paulina Gretzky now since fiance Dustin Johnson won The Masters title last month. Cameras loved following Gretzky during the tournament, one of the most prestigious athletic events in the world.

She got into some social media trouble earlier this month. You could call it over sharing.

Big Birthday Party Caused Some Social Media Pain

Paulina Gretzky was celebrating her 32md birthday. She threw herself a huge destination birthday party. Gretzky documented it all on social media. Fans gathered at a hotel in the Bahamas. They showered Gretzky with birthday attention, with friends carrying $150 bottles of Dom Perignon and sparklers as they paraded around the room.

Paulina Greztky was wearing a sparkling, rainbow-colored designer mini dress for her most festive day. She captioned her Instagram photos by writing “IM SO GRATEFUL FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SPECIAL YOU MADE ME FEEL AHD ILL NEVER FORGET IT.”

So, what was wrong with that?

After posting the photos, Paulina Gretzky probably regretted it. No one was wearing masks, at least not for pictures. The guests were in a room inside and did not appear to be practicing social distancing.

Commenters on social media notice details like this, especially when the world still is mostly shut down to such fun because of the coronavirus. Commenters called it a “corona party.” Another called Gretzky “self centered.” Plus, the Bahamas have rules about wearing masks in public. But we do know that to travel to the Bahamas, visitors needed to present evidence that they’d been tested for Covid.

Gretzky eventually deleted her birthday items on social media.

But circling back to the Paulina Gretzky and her lip synching. It’s all good fun to sing with your fiance, who also is the father of your two kids.

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