WATCH: Pennsylvania Firefighter Rescues Dog from Burning Barn

by Joe Rutland

First responders and man’s best friend work well together. In this case, though, it is a firefighter saving a dog’s life from a burning barn.

The scene takes place in Pennsylvania, where a firefighter sees what looks like a black labrador trapped inside the building. He starts yelling, “C’mon boy,” to the scared dog. As much punching and yanking as the firefighter does to a window, it’s still not enough right away to get the dog out.

But this firefighter was not giving up. He kept on pushing and yanking the window, punching out the glass in another chance to get the trapped dog free.

Firefighter Is Not Giving Up On Trapped Dog

Well, the window ultimately gets pulled away from the burning structure. The firefighter probably looked at what was going on and knew time was of the essence.

Once he got into the building, he tried corralling the scared pooch a couple of times. It didn’t work.

Finally, the firefighter grabbed the dog and pushed him out of the open window space. The once-trapped dog was saved from a fate too terrible to think about at all.

Take a look at how it all went down in this Instagram post from Fox News.

Santa Claus Receives Help From Firefighter And Friends

This year caused some usual plans to be adjusted. In one case, Santa Claus needed some help when visiting a children’s hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Usually, Santa makes his rounds at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. But he couldn’t do it because of COVID-19 precautions, so the Chattanooga Fire Department gave him a lift.

The department shared a clip from his visit on Twitter. It wrote, “Santa normally comes to see patients inside Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, but COVID made for a special kind of visit today! CFD’s Ladder 1 (Green) gave him a lift so he could wave to the kids. He even FaceTimed with several of the young patients to wish them a Merry Christmas!”

From trapped dogs to helping Santa Claus make his visits, firefighters were there to make it all happen.