WATCH: Pennsylvania Firefighters Demonstrate How Not to Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey in Explosive Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo By Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

In this video posted by ABC News, we see a group of Pennsylvania firefighters showing the public exactly how not to cook their turkey this holiday season.

The video was released by the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner. It looks like they recorded the demonstration right outside their department in Harrisburg, the state’s capital.

In the viral video, the firefighters purposely set a turkey on fire as they unsafely fry it. A massive inferno launches up from the rig, and the firefighters demonstrate to the viewing public just how dangerous these flames can be.

Hopefully, the video serves as a proper warning to all Pennsylvanians and families across the country celebrating Thanksgiving this week.

“Don’t fry inside a home or garage, or on a porch or deck,” the firefighters warned.

It’s important to remember to practice the utmost safety when preparing Thanksgiving meals. If you are frying a turkey like the firefighters in the video, you’ll need to remember their advice. The turkey fryer should be set up more than 10 feet from your home, and it shouldn’t be on a porch or deck. Children and pets need to stay away from the turkey fryer, and it shouldn’t be left unattended.

Firefighters Remind People to Keep Turkey Fryers Outside and Away from Home

Moreover, it’s important to find flat, level ground to place the turkey fryer on. The oil needs to be steady inside the fryer, so carefully inspect the correct amount of oil needed.

The turkey needs to be completely thawed and dry to ensure safety. Extra water in the turkey could cause the oil to bubble and spill over. When oil spills from the fryer to the burner, fires can ignite quickly and explosively.

Thanksgiving chefs also need to monitor the temperature of the turkey fryer, especially the handle and lid. Touching them while too hot could cause burns. Keeping track of the oil’s temperature is also important.

Lastly, being prepared for the worst event by having a fire extinguisher nearby is always a terrific call. The extinguisher should be multipurpose and dry-powder.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that U.S. firefighters respond to over 1,000 fires involving these deep fryers each year. It results in an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, and the destruction of 900 homes. Each year, the NFPA estimates these fires cost more than $15 million in property damage.

“These cooking devices can cause burns, injuries and actual destruction of property,” Ouachita Parish Chief of Fire Prevention Dusty Harris of Louisiana said. “The NFPA urge people to use oil-less turkey fryers or look in your grocery stores, especially food retailers or professionals, like restaurants, to buy the deep-fried turkeys from them.”