WATCH: Plane Forced to Abort Landing Due to High Winds

by Amanda Glover

Well Outsiders, it looks like a plane full of travelers will have to switch up their vacation schedule.

Recently, CBS Evening News shared the events of a British Airways plane having to make an emergency landing due to the weather. Strong winds surrounding London’s Heathrow Airport led the pilot to make a split-second decision to retreat back to the runway.

The news channel shared a video on Twitter of the shaky airplane beginning to take off into the sky. The caption reads: “QUICK THINKING: The pilot of a British Airways plane made a split-second decision to abort a landing at London’s Heathrow airport because of strong winds.”

A Twitter user suggested the plane endured a “tail strike.” According to Boeing, a tail strike occurs when an “airplane tail contacts the runway during takeoff or landing, is an event that can be encountered by virtually all transport airplane designs.”

YouTuber Jerry Dyer managed to film the event before discussing his findings with CNN. Dyer is a regular at Heathrow where he films planes landing for his channel.

England continues to deal with strong winds thanks to Storm Corrie. The storm has already claimed the lives of two people’s and left many without power. However, Dyer claims the wind at Heathrow wasn’t actually too bad.

The plane landed for the second time 16 minutes after its first landing. However, we do not know whether the tail did strike the ground, or just appeared to.

I think we can all second the host by saying, “bravo to that pilot!”

Passengers On the Heathrow Plane Owe the Pilot a Huge Thanks

Two of the passengers were members of the UK Parliament. They were traveling from their constituencies to the House of Commons.

Richard Thomson, parliament member for Gordon, in northeast Scotland, told CNN that he owes the pilot “deep gratitude for their professionalism and calm in how they dealt with what was a potentially very dangerous situation.”

When the flight first began, Thomson claims that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, he did say that the touchdowns were harder than usual at first. When the plane headed down the second time, that’s when the wind started taking hold of the flight.

“Clearly we all noticed that we hadn’t managed to land and felt the wind, but the skill of the pilot probably meant that it was only really those with a view on the left of the plane who were really able to tell how close to clipping the ground the wing was,” said Thomson.

Another politician on the plane, Stephen Flynn, tweeted about the event. “Can confirm this was not enjoyable?”

At Outsider, we’re all glad to hear of the brave pilots’ efforts and that everyone on the plane was okay. Hopefully, every passenger will soon be able to experience to their safe journeys through the sky.