WATCH: Propane Tank Explodes During Texas Motor Speedway Event, Sending Onlookers Scrambling

by Jonathan Howard

Things got scary at the Texas Motor Speedway when a propane tank exploded and sent spectators scrambling in fear. You never want to see a fire at the race track. This propane fire looked wild. It eventually blew up and took out a tent with it.

Thankfully, no one was injured. However, the scene looks like something out of a movie. With the gas spraying out and the fire burning bright orange, it looked serious. A fire breaking out in a garage could cause all kinds of issues. A group of onlookers gathered by until it all went BOOM!

Everything is fun and games until the propane tank explodes in a giant fireball. Also, can we talk about the big banner declaring that area the “Kids Zone”? That is something that makes you tilt your head and laugh to yourself. The ball pit is going to be one solid plastic block now.

These types of explosions are violent. They pack a lot of power. Thankfully, it seems that the people on the scene were able to get the situation under control. Again, the biggest thing is that there were no injuries reported. Another wild day at the race track.

Texas Motor Speedway to Host NASCAR Playoffs Oct. 16

While it will be a couple of weeks until the field heads to the Texas Motor Speedway for the Round of 8, they will race in Talladega. The Xfinity race has already happened. Brandon Brown took the win over the field in that race. Meanwhile, Austin Cindric advanced to the Round of 8 due to points.

As for the NASCAR Cup Series, they will race at Talladega tomorrow afternoon and into the night. It is a big race at a historic venue. There will be at least one more driver advanced through to the next round. The last race was won by Denny Hamlin.

Many felt that the Hamlin win in Las Vegas was boring and without note. That may be partly true, however, Talladega usually delivers. The racers know what the stakes are. Even for the guys not in the playoffs, this is a big race. If you finish in a top-10 position, that means a lot more than just some playoff points.

Could there be another Tyler Reddick performance like last week? Although he was out of the playoffs from the start, Reddick fought and climbed his way to a top-6 finish last week. The Cup Series continues with the Round of 12. There will be one more race in the round after Talladega. Then, there will only be 8 drivers left.

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs will begin the Round of 8 at the Texas Motor Speedway. That race is going to be the start of something big. When it gets down to just 8 drivers, there are so many possibilities. Right now, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson look like the favorites. However, one bad race could change it all in a hurry.