WATCH: Rodeo Cowboy Has Huge Bull Jump on Top of Him, Walks Off Like a Total Champ

by Shelby Scott

The world of professional bull riding as a whole is wild. Rodeo fans follow the sport for their love of the iconic cowboy and the rush that results from such potentially dangerous and deadly rides and encounters. However, while our bull riders definitely boast some serious courage in pursuing their love of the sport, we can’t forget about the risks many of our bullfighters take when they step into the ring.

The following clip captures PBR’s “Fearless” Frank Newsom as he faces down a bull that jumps on top of him for his troubles. The bullfighter then walks off the insane encounter like a total champ.

“It’s just Frank Newsom,” the announcer jokes in astonishment.

Incredibly, the clip captures the insane moment in which the bull, having just bucked its rider into the dirt, faces off with the bullfighter, who takes the challenge literally head-on. We watch as Newsom steps directly in front of the bull and its menacing horns before the animal whips around and lands its massive bulk on top of the bullfighter. Miraculously, the bull bucks off of Newsom and, astonishingly, the bullfighter walks away, entirely unharmed.

Of the encounter, the announcer states, “He won’t go looking for a fight, but if the fight comes to him, he’s never gonna back down.” Apparently so, as he’s earned himself the title, “Fearless Frank.”

Rodeo Support Staff Take the Brunt of Intense Bull Encounters

Thankfully for PBR’s Fearless Frank, the bull in the clip avoided crushing the beloved bullfighter and we can continue looking for Frank in upcoming events. However, as we’ve seen both in this clip and in the clip below, it appears that it’s actually often our rodeo staff that take the brunt of potentially harmful and deadly bull encounters. Check out the following clip as a massive bull sends a rodeo clown soaring into crowded bleachers.

While Frank’s bull encounter left him firmly planted on the ground, this poor fellow went for quite a ride despite that he was not the one atop the bull. The insane video captures the moment the huge bull throws its rider and turns on him as one of the bullfighters attempts to draw off the bull. However, once the bull mows down the fighter, the rodeo clown attempts his own interception and, for his efforts, is sent flying several feet in the air.

Although we don’t know the outcome of this particular encounter as we do with Newsom’s, we nevertheless hope all involved sustained as minimal injuries as possible.

Nevertheless, to our fearless rodeo staff, we say thank you for your bravery and your willingness to return to the adrenaline-fueled sport again and again.