WATCH: Santa Comes to Florida Early, Flies Over Beach with Powered Parachute

by Victoria Santiago

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Santa?

Santa had no issues being seen in the skies over Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The beloved Christmas icon somehow traded his sleigh for a much noisier, in-your-face option. Specifically, a powered parachute.

You can hear the crowd below him watch in awe as he glides effortlessly through the air. He gets pretty high up there. But he probably isn’t afraid of heights, what with flying around the world and all. Anyway, he then flies a little lower and gives all of the beachgoers a wave.

You can watch the video ABC News shared below.

Residents and vacationers in Jacksonville Beach, Florida got to see Santa use a pretty unique invention. However, those that are looking for Christmas magic in Venice, Italy only have to look toward the waterways. In contrast, over the weekend multiple Santas rode around in gondolas.

The weather looked pretty dismal, but those red suits and jolly faces make braving the cold worth it. On the positive side, this could be a fun tradition for years to come.

Are We Seeing More of Santa Because His House is For Sale?

Yep, you read that right. Santa’s house is for sale. And yep, as you probably guessed, it’s in the North Pole. The property is posted on Zillow, which lists it as a collection of tiny houses. The property is perfect for any winter lover, or Santa lover. It comes with 25 acres of land.

Santa’s main living house is included in the property, of course. Also on the property are elf houses for all of our little toymakers. There’s a stable for when the reindeer are off-shift. Which is probably, like, 364 days out of the year. The stable must be pretty comfortable. There’s a garage for the sleigh. When not in use, it needs to be protected from the elements. And, perhaps best of all, a toy-making facility. This isn’t just a house. It’s a holly jolly home.

Zillow lists that the house was built in 1822, but was recently renovated in 2013. It’s 2,500 square feet of modernized Old World Charm. The listing also mentions an impressive gourmet kitchen. “The gourmet kitchen is a baker’s dream, boasting an oven with 12 different cookie settings. Cookies are served directly from oven to table in the adjoining dining room, along with cocoa on tap.”

The house has two guest bedrooms, along with the primary bedroom. I know, I know. By now, you’re wondering if Santa’s house has hallways. And if they might be decked with boughs of holly. Would it really be Santa’s house if it didn’t?

In light of these features, Santa’s house is “Zestimated” to be over $1 million.