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WATCH: Second Firework Warehouse in Florida Explodes, Sends Fireworks Flying

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Fireworks in a Florida warehouse erupted in a massive chain-reaction explosion on Thursday night, which marks the second incident to occur in the Sunshine State this week. Footage from a nearby driver’s dashcam shows fireworks shooting into the sky and plumes of smoke billowing from the warehouse, all while firefighters worked to evacuate multitudes of the building’s occupants.

Per the videographer’s post, her dashcam captured the firework explosion right as it occurred. A massive white cloud overcomes the warehouse as colored fireworks light up the night. Orange County, Florida’s Fire Rescue team shared an important update regarding the structure fire almost immediately after the woman uploaded her footage to Twitter.

In their post, OC Fire Rescue wrote, “Update: Crews working to knock down fire. Two burn patients transported to ORMC.”

Multiple Burn Victims Sent to Local Hospitals Amid Firework Warehouse Explosion

Although OC Fire Rescue’s post listed just two victims, the New York Post reported that at least five individuals were injured during the fireworks warehouse blaze. One of the dive victims involved was a teenager. According to the news outlet, the fire originally broke out at 7:01 p.m. As of the early hours of Friday morning, Battalion Chief Garrett Wienckowski could not confirm what actually ignited the fire.

“I do not know the cause of the fire,” the battalion chief told news outlets, “but it did extend into the fireworks, which (caused) a chain reaction, very similar to the one in Melbourne.”

On Monday, a deadly car crash set off a fireworks explosion at a Brevard County warehouse.

Wienckowski further shared some of the scary scenes firefighters encountered while battling the blaze. Per his account, “there were very loud explosions.” He said his rescue members could have come face to face with everything ranging from mortars to bottle rockets.

“You could see the explosions from outside of the building,” he continued. “Crews on the interior were making rescues while all this was going on.”

Alongside efforts to put out the fire ignited by fireworks at the Orange County warehouse, the New York Post reports more than 80 firefighters responded to the scene, with crews making “multiple” rescues amid the chaos, and sending four people to nearby hospitals.

Man Dies of Severe Burns After Catching Fire in Hospital

For now, we await updates on the victims involved in the Florida fireworks warehouse blaze. Hopefully, any burns sustained during the fire are superficial and heal quickly. Sadly, this wasn’t the case at a Nashville hospital last month when one man, hospitalized for bed sores and a foot infection, died in a fiery explosion as medical personnel attempted to revive him.

Kathy Stark, the wife of the late Bobby Ray, said her husband had been bedridden prior to his death for seven years. He had been hospitalized in November for his afflictions. While there, though, Ray coded. Medical professionals, attempting to revive him, fired up a defibrillator, but that’s when things went awry.

Stark said, “They started the paddles, and it just blew up.” Suddenly, Ray’s body was engulfed in flames, and Stark recalled saying, “he’s on fire, put him out.”

Ray suffered severe burns to his throat, head, chest, and hands. Though hospital personnel transported him to a burn unit, the man died of his wounds on Thanksgiving Day.