Watch This Self-Driving Racecar Go Almost 200 MPH Without a Driver

by Hannah Heser

Have you ever seen a self driven racecar in real life? How about one that goes nearly 200 miles per hour with no one behind the wheel? Well Outsiders, it’s your lucky day because now you have!

CNN took this once-in-a-lifetime experience to Twitter earlier tonight. And they were impressed too.

The video almost doesn’t seem real. In the video, CNN said that these competitions show off the techonology of automation at high speed.

Also, they interviewed the Executive Vice President, Karen Chupka on the following race.

“Well, I think it’s the technology behind what we’re seeing here,” Chupka told CNN. “There are so many ways that this technology can be applied to what we’re seeing on the race track.”

Additionally, she adds something people should think about when watching this.

“Think about an ambulance trying to cut through traffic, or get somewhere fast.”

Meanwhile, racing fans are a little concerned throughout the comments.

“The safest race I’ve ever seen,” one said.

“Who’s driving it then,” another said.

“Let me know when a self driving car can also go to work for me,” someone else stated.

Whoever wins the championship takes home $150,000, which isn’t a bad prize at all.

Self Driving Racecar Makes History in Indianapolis Last Year

Last October, a self-driving racecar made history at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, according to techxplore.

“The winning car averaged a total speed of 135 miles per hour, which pushed autonomous vehicles into a new era,” they reported.

Techxplore also recorded a statement from an interview with Dallara USA’s CEO, Stefano dePonti. In the interview, he explained how this part of history made him feel.

“Nobody knew how fast these self driving cars could go in competitions.”

With that said, he witnessed history like never before.

Racing Is a Dangerous Sport

Racecar drivers put themselves at risk every time they hop into their vehicles.

Thousands of drivers get asked this question every single day. But most of them say that nothing will stop them from racing.