WATCH: Semi-Truck Flies Off Texas Overpass, Bursts Into Flames

by Samantha Whidden

A semi-truck driver has reportedly passed away after a collision forced his vehicle to tumble off a highway in Texas earlier this week. 

According to the Allen Police Department, the accident occurred when the semi-truck was traveling northbound on US-75 on Tuesday (September 20th). Unfortunately, the truck collided with another vehicle just before 3 p.m. sending it flying off the right side of the overpass and crashing into the service below. To make matters worse, the large vehicle then burst into flames. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

The Allen Police Department also shared, “We thank the officers working diligently to process the scene to ensure these notifications can be made in a timely manner. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the victim’s family and friends as they deal with their loss.”

A video of the semi-truck crash was posted online by WFAA. It shows the moment the semi-truck fell off the overpass and flipped 180 degrees before crashing and catching on fire. The victim has been identified as Gustavo Gomez. 

The New York Post also reports that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has confirmed that the semi-truck driver was a contractor who was delivering mail. The crash also occurred about 30 miles north of downtown Dallas.

Wife of Semi-Truck Driver Killed in Texas Speaks Out 

The family of the semi-truck driver who was killed in Texas earlier this week spoke out about what happened. Helen Torres, the victim’s wife, told local media outlets on Wednesday (September 21st) that he drove for Bancroft and Sons Transportation. 

“He was a very hard worker,” the semi-truck driver’s wife explained. “He always has been for his family. Whatever it was, whether it was driving across the country or not, he always made sure we were taken care of and provided for.”

Gomez’s wife also stated that he was a good man and very witty. “[He was] always acting like a comedian making sure no one was sad. He was kindhearted and would help anyone who needed it. If it were in his hands and he could help at that moment, he would.” 

The semi-truck driver’s wife said they had been together since 1987 and were married in 2001. He became the father of her three children, who she had from another relationship. The couple also had two children of their own. She further explained that her husband took safety seriously. She noted that he didn’t drive trucks for two decades without prioritizing safety. 

In her husband’s defense, the semi-truck driver’s wife stated that the accident should not be placed on her husband. “He was always so careful,” she continued. She then shared that her husband always made sure his trucks were good. “He always knew what he was driving,” she added. “He knew that was a big machine and that he had to be watching out for everybody.”