WATCH: Shocking Dashcam Footage Shows Rage-Filled Driver Hurl Axe at Car Behind Him

by Jon D. B.

What sort of man throws an axe into the windshield of another driver? One with an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree robbery.

Thanks to his latest string of incidents, the same man, who is being kept anonymous, can add felony hate crime and felony eluding to his arsenal alongside theft.

What we do know is the man is a Washington state driver – and we have footage of him throwing an axe at the windshield of another driver in the Seattle area. Watch below as a grown 47-year-old man decides to deal with his road rage by throwing said axe directly at another person’s car – their dashcam catching it all on video.

“RANDOM RAGE: Dramatic dashcam video shows a driver hurling an axe at a motorist.”


According to local Q13 FOX of Seattle, the suspect, 47, was driving his silver Jeep along Interstate 5 on July 27. It was then that he would honk at the victim he would eventually throw an axe at.

The situation continued to escalate quickly. The victim continued traveling northbound and took the next exit to avoid confrontation. King County Sheriff’s deputies, however, say the suspect would follow and then block off the road from the victim. He then stepped out of his vehicle, cocked his throwing arm, and chucked an axe directly at the victim’s windshield.

Local Q13 confirms the man’s arrest came late last month after multiple witnesses came forward. Their incident reports led to the suspect being charged with several other crimes, as well. The plot thickens!

Road Rage Doesn’t Justify Throwing An Axe At Another Human Being, People

The dashcam encounter took place around 10 miles north of downtown Seattle, Q13 states. From there, the suspect would flee the scene. But thanks to additional security camera videos, he would eventually be caught. Not before a string of racially motivated hate crimes and robberies, however.

After the criminal’s road rage incident, which people in the Fox News comments are shockingly attempting to justify, the suspect was then seen yelling at another individual in a separate roadway. There, authorities say the man-made specific threats – shouting explicit racial slurs at another victim on July 29.

Then, a theft would be reported right after at a nearby Home Depot. Police were tipped off on the subject’s silver Jeep Cherokee – and it all fell into place. Through security footage from multiple locations, the man would be identified, then found while sunbathing at a Seattle park on July 30, Q13 cites.

He was arrested on the spot and taken into custody. The charges? Felony hate crime, felony eluding, and felony theft. All on top of his outstanding warrant for felony first-degree robbery.