WATCH: Snowball Fight Breaks Out at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

by Shelby Scott

2022 has kicked off with a rather unfortunate series of events. Some include Betty White’s death, Joe Gatto’s leave from “Impractical Jokers,” and devastating storms in Kentucky to name a few. However, it appears a bunch of Washington D.C. residents found a way to lighten the mood regardless. As areas along the East Coast see greater amounts of snow than they’re used to, a mass snowball fight broke out at the National Mall in D.C. Monday (1/3), and we have some video coverage here for you.

Taking place at the Smithsonian Castle, dozens upon dozens of excited National Mall goers lobbed snowballs at total strangers. Everywhere, people were dressed in their warmest, their feet sliding gleefully across the snow.

According to the Washingtonian, it appears the mass snowball fight was a planned event, however, with all the doom and gloom lately, I’m not sure it matters whether it was spontaneous or not.

The outlet snagged readers’ attention with, “Celebrate the first storm of winter in DC by throwing snowballs at strangers.”

Honestly, it sounds like an afternoon well spent to me.

Further, areas across D.C. saw anywhere between 5 and 10 inches of snow, making for a rather worthy battle.

Interestingly, organized snowball fights in Washington D.C. are actually relatively common. The latest battle took place in front of the Smithsonian Castle. However, previous years have seen mass snowball fights take place in Dupont Circle and Meridian Hill Park. Additionally, the city even has a specified organization charged with planning these events. Known as The Washington DC Snowball Fight Association, today’s event encouraged locals to get outside and celebrate this rare snowfall. They even deemed the latest fight, the “Battle of Snomicron.”

East Coast to Receive Mass Amounts of Snow

Snow has been the national headline over the last week or two. And after bowling over areas of the Northwest, it seems the cold weather and precipitation are making their way eastward.

Already the southeastern region of the country, including the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama, have seen impressive snow accumulations. Wind and accompanying weather rapidly knocked out power and took down trees.

Additionally, and as we can see above, regions in Virginia and Maryland have already received significant snow accumulations. Clearly, Washington D.C. has received even more than they’re used to.

As for you snow lovers in the northeast, be patient as your time is coming. While snow continues to fall across MD and VA, Delaware and New Jersey should also expect to see a wondrously white coating on the ground very shortly. For those north of New York City, there doesn’t appear to be much snow in your future. At least for now. Though, as we just kicked off January, we’re sure you still have ample opportunity before winter comes to an end.

So, regardless of where you’re located on the East Coast, be cautious, bundle up, and hunker down for the first official snows of 2022.