WATCH: SpaceX Civilian Crew Returns to Earth After Historic Mission

by Jonathan Howard

This is a new era of travel and possibilities. SpaceX is pushing the limit for what space travel means for humanity. It isn’t just for astronauts anymore. With the recent launch and trip to orbit for SpaceX Dragon, the first civilian crew has landed back down on Earth safely.

It was a nerve-racking moment as the capsule came down and landed in the water. There is nothing guaranteed until contact is officially made with a number of issues that could go wrong. The all-civilian crew was given a chance to enter orbit and even tour the International Space Station. Truly, the world is changing in terms of flight and travel.

There is a live stream that you can watch as the civilian crew gets off of their capsule and take a nice deep breath of fresh air on Earth for the first time in 72 hours. The flight to the ISS was historic and is opening up the future for further travel by civilians. Right now, it seems that it will cost quite a bit of money in order to participate. If you thought a first-class ticket was pricey, think about what it costs to go to space for three days.

So, the SpaceX Inspiration4 had a great take-off a few days ago. The crew made their way into orbit and got to view their surroundings through a dome called the Copula. The Dragon Capsule is what contained the team during the trip and protected them on their way back down to Earth. Getting the capsule out of the water off the coast of Florida and to land is going to be a minor challenge. It just takes time to move everything and make sure everyone is medically okay.

Samuel Adams, SpaceX Pair Together for ‘Space Beer’

Look, it is really cool to see the first all civilian trip to space take place. It is even cooler the entire thing seemingly went off without a hitch. There are so many questions about space travel and problems that can occur. However, let’s take a step back from the history-changing stuff into more down to Earth commodities.

Along with the crew on Inspiration4, there were some hops sent up into orbit as well. Yes, hops, like beer. Samuel Adams sent some of their brewing ingredients up to orbit and will use them in order to make ‘Space Beer’. While the space mission is important for the history of travel and humanity, arguably, it is a huge fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The proceeds from these space hops being auctioned off will go to St. Jude. This is just such a great way to bring all kinds of people together for a great cause. That beer is going to be absolutely out of this world with those hops from SpaceX.