WATCH: Strong Wind Gusts Bend American Flag Pole in Colorado Amid Storm

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

The country is experiencing some strong wind storms lately. For instance, Colorado is one of the states who gets the storm. Watch an American flag pole look like it’s about to blow away below.

@AdamKnapik sends a video of a flag pole to Twitter the other day. In the clip, the wind is so powerful, it forces the pole to bend like it’s about to fly away.

“Look at the bend in this flag pole,” he writes in the caption.

Other than the flag pole, you can also see the street light shaking back and forth. This is probably some of the strongest wind we’ve seen in a long time. Don’t you agree?

Reports of Strong Wind and Tornadoes in Nebraska

On Wednesday, December 15, a huge wind storm swept through the Midwest, leaving quite a few damage behind. It started moving in the northeast at 70 mph and produced a few tornadoes in several parts, as well.

Since Nebraska is my home state, I know it’s not normal for a tornado in December. We should be getting snow this month, not 70-degree weather and thunderstorms. Although, it’s great to have this nice weather still since summer flew by.

While driving around Nebraska, you will see fallen trees, debris in the road, and running water in the streets. A few Nebraska residents even report their roofs collapsing.

Additionally, the strong winds also started power outages across the state. Officials are asking people to treat intersections as a four-way stop and stay off the roads if they don’t need to be on them.

Devastating Tornadoes in Kentucky

As we all know, Kentucky went through some tragedy last weekend. However, Mayfield, Kentucky, in particular, is still asking for help recovering from the storm. They were hit incredibly hard last Friday night.

CNN reports on December 14 that about 75% of Dawson Springs in western Kentucky is completely wiped out by the tornado. Although, Mayor Chris Smiley says they are working on a speedy recovery.

“Right now, our spirits are crushed, but we’ll come back,” CNN reports from an interview with Hopkins County Coroner Dennis Mayfield.

Unfortunately, a third of the town’s population is now below the poverty line. And many don’t have insurance to help cover the damage.

If you would like to donate to help out a friendly state, you can right here. Anything helps, whether it’s a huge or small amount. They just need your help.

Meanwhile, the people with homes still standing in western Kentucky won’t have power for up to a month.

An estimate of 50 tornado reports was made across eight states over the weekend. This is something no one has ever seen before.