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Watch: Ted Nugent Says ‘50% of Hunters Are Not Voting’ Encouraging More to Head to Polls

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ted Nugent continues to play a part in this year’s political race. In a recent episode on Facebook of “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild” TV show on the message is given that 50% of hunters do not vote.

Nugent’s guest, Keith Mark from Hunter Nation, says, “When I first met President Trump, then-candidate Trump in 2016 before ‘Hunter Nation’ when the idea was just formulating in my brain, he said something that startled me. He said hunters don’t vote.”

Nugent shares his point of view saying, “He said he didn’t even pursue the conversation because statistically and historically they don’t vote, so they don’t matter in who the representatives might be.”

Nugent continues, “We barely won those states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The best hunting states, the highest number of hunters in the nation.” “

It was those three top hunting states that won the election for Donald Trump,” Nugent proclaims.

Mark says that his mission is to get hunters registered to vote. Then get the ones that are registered out to the polls.

Ted Nugent at Trump Rally

Ted Nugent continues to pledge his allegiance to President Donald Trump at an Oct. 30 Trump rally.

As seen in the below video, he addresses the crowd by saying, “There’s only one reason I’m not in a tree stand, because I give a damn, and I want to fix this mess.”

In addition, Nugent goes on to talk about his stance for firearms. He makes a dig at how one politician wants to take them away.

He also says there is a way to adjust those who disagree with the president.”You can fix them,” referring to those that aren’t backing President Trump. He goes so far as to say that if they don’t pivot their political views, they will no longer be a part of Nugent’s life. “I have fixed everybody in my life, or they can’t be in my life.”

Nugent has made a guest appearances at various Trump rally’s along the campaign trail.