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WATCH: Tennessee Cop Breaking Out Dance Moves at High School is Going Viral and We Can’t Get Enough

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

One Tennessee police officer is on a mission. A mission that most certainly brightens the day of anyone who passes by. What, exactly, is this brave officer’s mission each day?

To make sure to put a smile on the face of everyone he sees each morning! How does he do this? By getting down to the sounds of traffic each morning and dancing his way into the hearts of the people of Dickson, Tennessee.

And, as one recent video shows, this mission has certainly been accomplished. In fact, the Tennessee police officer has done such a good job fulfilling this mission, that he has brought a smile to the face of thousands as he is quickly becoming the latest TikTok trend.

Tennessee’s Nashville May Be The Place For Music; But Dickson Is For Dancing

Nashville Tennessee may be known as Music City, but lately, all the right dance moves are being made about an hour south of the Tennessee city; down in the city of Dickson.

It is there that Officer McKay, a Dickson police officer has made it his personal goal to dance his way into the hearts of commuters as brightens up each morning by shaking a leg for those who drive past each morning.


This cop knows how to make everyone smile every morning 😂😂😂 #36SecondsOfLightWork #lifeisgooddance #tennessee #backtheblue #dancingcop

♬ original sound – DJ Noiz

And, what a way to start the day, right? We all have our routines, why not let the local law enforcement shake that up a little bit by brightening the commute with a little moment of joyful boogying!

The officer’s hilariously motivating morning moves were recorded by one TikTok user last week.

In a world full of social media posts that bring on a world of emotions, many of which remind us of our daily grind in one way or another; this viral video does just what officer McKay intended.

All The Good Feels In One Awesome Video

It simply makes us smile. Okay, maybe a bit more than just a smile. A little chuckle isn’t unheard of as the energetic cop dances his way into our hearts.

The video is as wholesome as it can get.

Set to the Brooks & Dunn hit Neon Moon because, well, I’m not sure why…but for some reason, with the twang of Ronnie Dunn’s voice in the first few words of the 1992 hit, and the beat of the song…it just seems to work.

According to the comments on the viral TikTok video, Officer McKay does this each morning at a local Tennessee high school.

In fact, the video includes text that reads “He does this every morning” with a cry-laughing emoji.

In the video, that was posted last week by TikTok user watusi_wrangler, we start out traveling in the vehicle. As traffic passes by, officer McKay soon comes into view. And, what a view it is. Clad in a safety vest, some awesome shades, and his uniform, Dickson Tennessee Police Officer McKay looks like he is simply enjoying his morning. And, it’s clear that “enjoying the morning” is something he inspires everyone who passes him on the road to do as well.