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Tornado Rips Through Texas Walmart Parking Lot as Shoppers Run for Cover: VIDEO

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Weingart/Future Publishing via Getty Images

A new terrifying video shows the moment in which people frantically run for their lives to escape an incoming tornado. A tornado suddenly tears through the Walmart parking lot in a city called Round Rock near Austin, Texas. As the storm rages, you can hear a man shouting at people to run into the Walmart to avoid any of the dangerous debris flying around.

Quick Facts

  • The incident led to a few injuries and widespread damage
  • Several tornadoes swept through both Texas and Oklahoma yesterday. The weather pattern then led to flood warnings in surrounding states
  • There were 8.5 million people from Texas to Arkansas under a tornado watch over night

“Get inside! Get inside! Run! Run! Get away from the windows” the man screams in panic. This terrifying tornado incident happened on Monday evening and was soon posted to Twitter by James Watson, an employee at this specific Walmart store.

Watson was one of many to share footage of the incident. Another woman shared her own scary experience with this wild Texan tornado, in which she sustained multiple injuries. She posted photos on Twitter along with the caption, “I JUST GOT DRAGGED ACROSS THE MF WALMART PARKING LOT BY A TORNADO B*TCH!!!!!”

The Effect of the Texas, Oklahoma Tornadoes

Sadly, this isn’t the only tornado that hit the area. Texas and Oklahoma faced several tornadoes yesterday. According to USA Today, there were at least four people in Elgin, Texas, which is another city not too far from Austin. There was one tornado in Luling and yet another was just east of Round Rock.

The tornadoes proceeded to destroy homes and other property. Homes, vehicles, and even schools were in the path of destruction. The schools in question are in Jacksboro, which is just outside of Dallas.

As for Oklahoma, a quarter-mile tornado hit Kingston in the evening. It reportedly caused a 1,300-foot-long path of destruction.

Also, the surrounding states also got their own taste of adverse weather as well. The storm system proceeded to travel into Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana on Tuesday. Instead of tornadoes, however, this storm system translated into devilish storms with some flood warnings for certain areas.

According to CNN, there are 8.5 million people from Western Texas to northwestern Louisiana and southwestern Arkansas that are under a tornado watch until 8 a.m. The south continues to deal with damaging winds, hail, and some tornadoes today as part of Texas is picking up the pieces from yesterday’s damages. There were about 20 reported tornadoes in addition to 54,000 customers that still have no power going into Tuesday.

Strong tornadoes may continue tonight (March 22).