WATCH: Train Crashes Into Semi-Trailer Hauling Wind Turbine in Epic Video

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, a train crashed into an 18-wheeler truck that was hauling a wind turbine in Luling, Texas. 

The video’s owner shared it on Facebook and stated that it was his company involved. Our driver recorded the video. Praying for everyone involved. It’s never easy. Luling, Tx today.”

(WARNING: Disturbing images and language are in the video)

In the video, a truck and trailer were seen 2/3 of the way over the tracks when crossing gate arms came down. Within seconds, the train appeared and slam right into the trailer. The impact knocked the truck right over to its side. The situation occurred on the east side of Magnolia Avenue, which is located on U.S. 183.

According to ABC’s KVUE, the crash shut down U.S. 183 for several hours. Both the track and train were inspected. Both are declared safe by the Union Pacific safety personnel. They were clear to travel. 

Luling Police announced there was substantial damage to both the Union Pacific engines at the front of the train. Police also say that crew members for Union Pacific are at the hospital for precaution. No injuries were initially reported at the time of the collision. 

Luling Police and Union Pacific Railroad Police Departments are still investigating the incident. Both Magnolia Avenue and Pierce Street remained closed after the accident. Further, both streets re-opened late Sunday evening.

Social Media Reacts to the Accident 

After the video of the train and truck surfacing online, social media users quickly reacted to the accident. One Twitter user shared their thoughts by tweeting, “Perhaps those companies should notify the railroad whenever they plan to cross over a railroad crossing. [Hope everyone’s] ok.”

Another Twitter stated that the video shows the truck being train tracks could indicate the lack of knowledge of the road. It could also be a lack of knowledge of where the tracks are located. “Bad route planning or bad driving.”

“Um… that’s a big oops,” another Twitter user writes. They also share the video. 

Train Operator Union Pacific Prepares For Hurricane Ida’s Impact Damage

Prior to Hurricane Ida making landfall on Sunday, freight-hauling railroad Union Pacific shared an update about the category 4 storm impacting operation. The company shared as it continues assessing the impact on its train network, it has established a command center to coordinate resources needs. 

Union Pacific also shared on Monday morning its train engineering crews began track inspections to assess storm damage. Fallen trees, downed power lines, and other storm damages have led to numerous closures. These damages limit travel to affected storm areas. 

“The New Orleans floodgates remain closed with no interchange to the eastern carriers. We continue to review reroute options,” the freight train track operator also said.