WATCH: Veteran Leaves Home for First Time in Two Years After Volunteers Build Accessible Ramp

by Jon D. B.

“I love it!” Thanks to The Veterans of All Wars Riders Corporation, United States Coastguard veteran Chuck is out of his house for the first time in over two years.

It’s been several years in the making, but the time has finally come for Chuck to venture outside his home once more. Prior to last week, the Coast Guard veteran hadn’t been outside his front door in two and a half years. In no way did this gentleman choose such cards, either. After a career in service and a partial leg amputation, Chuck became stuck within his own home late in life due to unforeseen circumstances.

“Besides the inability to get a wheelchair ramp, he can’t even go outside onto his own deck to get some fresh air if he pleased due to a drop that prevents him from rolling his wheelchair out of the house,” cites the organization responsible for reuniting the vet with the outside world, The Veterans of All Wars Riders Corporation.

After applying to several different veteran organizations and being declined by each, Chuck finally found the right-minded souls to help. Upon seeing his application, the motorcyclists of Veterans of All Wars Riders stepped in to help without hesitation. To do so, the organization “started a GoFundMe campaign to fundraise money for a wheelchair ramp to be built for him, VAWR cites on their website.

And they didn’t stop there. VAWR put further goals into their campaign, including funding “additional items such as the relocation of the electrical box and gas line as well as any permits required for the job.”

In short, the world needs far more fine men like the gents at VAWR.

Veteran is Most Excited to “Talk to People”

Finally, in November of 2020, Chuck’s ramp began construction. Not only did their GoFundMe come through, but the veteran’s local Home Depot also stepped in. To do so, the chain gave “all of the building materials for the project” free of charge.

In addition, Richard, a local contractor, came in free-of-charge to construct the entire ramp. Then, of February 28 of this year, VAWR returned to Chuck’s residence to ensure the ramp had been completed.

To mark the occasion, CBS 13 Sacramento was on hand to record Chuck’s story.

“I love it,” the veteran states right off the bat. “I’m great now, because I can get out and talk to people,” he continues. “It’s real great.”

We couldn’t agree more, Chuck. Thank you for your service to our country.

A wheelchair-bound, retired Coast Guardsman who had been holed up inside his home, finally got outside Sunday for the first time in two years. It was all thanks to volunteers who made this incredible moment possible.

CBS Sacramento