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WATCH: Virginia I-95 Shutdown Looks Like an Icy Nightmare

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

A gnarly winter storm has left a stretch of I-95 in Virginia in shambles. The icy road conditions have left several drivers stuck for hours. Some passengers slept in their vehicles overnight. 

One driver stuck in the mess posted a video of their situation to TikTok, giving viewers a firsthand look at what the stranded motorists are dealing with right now. The video shows bumper-to-bumper traffic across two lanes, including semis. The video’s caption reads, “We’ve been stuck on Hwy 95 for almost 12 hours now.”

The Tiktoker shows their viewers their vehicle, saying “Our car hasn’t moved from this spot in 8 hours.” She shows the collection of snacks in the car’s trunk, adding “The cops gave out peanut butter and we’ve passed out almost all the food in our trunk.” @melliinnaaaa captions the video with a simple “We were only a mile away from our exit too…”


We were only a mile away from our exit too…

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Bystanders Express Concern For The Stranded Motorists

Fellow Tik Tok users had their own thoughts to share on the matter. One local, @nanrchy comments “This is why I stay home when they say stay home! And being a native of Northern Virginia I always avoid 95 even on a sunny day.” 

Another user added they took that same highway just a few hours before the shutdown occurred. “My fiance and I were on I-95 last night. Luckily we missed this by like 2 hours, but it was a mess. People flying past us going 60pmh on ice and snow,” @_stinkybeans comments. 

Many expressed concern about how drivers were staying warm without running out of gas. For those staying in their vehicles overnight, there was an especially great worry.

The user who uploaded the video added an update in the comments of the original post around 2:20pm local time. She informed her viewers that they did finally make it off the highway after 20 hours of little to no movement. 

Virginia Department of Transportation Makes Progress

This video shows the circumstances that many are facing as Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) struggles to clear the roads affected by a huge snowstorm. The storm brought an estimated 14 inches of snow to the area. Among the affected area is 50 mile stretch of the highway between Richmond, VA and Washington D.C. near Fredericksburg. It’s this stretch that’s created the standstill traffic jam. Thankfully, the state is making progress with removing disabled vehicles. Sunlight is doing wonders, aiding in melting some of the icy mess. However, the highway remains closed. No estimation has been given for when it will re-open. 

A representative for the VDOT says, “As VDOT removes disabled vehicles, and plows/treats road to make it safe for passage as they are removed, (Virginia State Police) troopers will reach each driver.”

Any drivers stuck in the jam with emergencies should call 911. VDOT said in a tweet, “If you have a medical or life/safety emergency should dial 911. Please provide the make & model of your vehicle, as well as the nearest mile marker. Please stay inside the vehicle.”