WATCH: Weatherman’s Dog Interrupts Live Broadcast Looking for Treats

by Shelby Scott

Dogs make almost anything better and one of those is weather reports. Yes, as much as we would like to see it, American news broadcasts and weather reports don’t typically feature man’s best friend. However, one Canadian news outlet saw the intrusion of one happy pup in search of treats during one of their most recent storm reports.

The happy pup, appropriately named Storm, took to the green-screen during Global News meteorologist Anthony Farnell’s report. Farnell’s report surrounded an increase in Canadian temperatures in addition to tracking last weekend’s natural disaster, Hurricane Ida.

While many Outsiders would be heavily distracted by their four-legged friend’s intrusion, Farnell carries right along with the weather report, simply noting, “Storm [the Weather Dog] is in the building.” According to the New York Post, the good-natured meteorologist initially tried to block Storm from appearing on screens but soon abandoned his efforts. While reporting on the upcoming 24-hours’ temperatures, he humorously notes Storm “walking on thin air.”

Following his initial appearance onscreen, Storm happily peruses the set for treats. What makes his search more humorous is that the snacks come flying from somewhere behind the camera. While Farnell continues his report, Storm greedily gulps down his snacks.

Additionally, many of us would see potential professional consequences should our four-legged friends accompany us to work. However, “Global News” seems to have an undying love and admiration for Storm. Beneath the news outlet’s post on YouTube, the caption reads, “Both consummate professionals, Anthony finished his segment without a hitch while Storm sated his hunger…all in a day’s work!”

A Reporter Saw Criticism Following an Exaggerated Broadcast

While the world goes wild with love for “Global News” Weather Dog Storm, not all reporters are as beloved. “The Weather Channel” reporter Jim Cantore received pretty harsh criticism following his behavior during a mid-storm broadcast.

An August 29th report saw Cantore on the streets of New Orleans broadcasting storm updates. There is no doubt the recent storm brought significant damage and devastation to the southern state. However, “Weather Channel” viewers shared criticisms of the report when it appeared he fought winds that weren’t as strong as he implied. Along with the accompanying clip, others saw individuals cartwheeling in the winds and participating in simple, humorous acts.

The short clip shows the weatherman “struggling” to gain his footing in the storm and getting “knocked around” by the wind. Meanwhile, a bystander nonchalantly moves into the frame. He seemingly takes in the surroundings and then turns to walk normally off the screen.

Commenters to the Tweet shared their thoughts, many pointing out their belief that the film crew overturned the dumpster for effect. A few read specifically, “20 to 1 his crew turned over the dumpster for effect.” In response, “I actually thought that too!” @pbyrond wrote.

Regardless, it’s inaccurate to downplay the significance of the hurricane-turned-tropical-storm. Currently, the state of LA tallies 6 deaths following Ida’s strike and the hurricane’s later effects.