WATCH: Wild Video Shows Florida Man Climbing Out Car Window on Highway to Snag Beer From Truck Bed

by Jonathan Howard

Oh, Florida. America’s hotbed of dangerous animals, people, and weather. Alligators, snakes, and the dreaded Florida Man. There is no telling what could happen in the Sunshine State. For one driver just outside of Tampa, a real Florida Man incident was caught on camera.

Now, there really isn’t a way to say this that doesn’t sound absolutely ridiculous. The video shows a man climbing back into the cab of a pickup truck from the bed. Going down the interstate. In the fast lane. Oh, and the man appears to be shirtless. The cameraman summed it up well. “What in the f*** is happening?”

Now, if I ever do something this dumb, I hope I have someone not only filming but cheering me on like this Florida Man did. The narrator here goes through a few emotions. First, bewilderment that a man is doing something so dangerous. Then astonishment. “Are you serious…he’s in. I think he’s not going to die,” the man filming says in the video.

Finally, our camera guy here goes through a moment of celebration and a bit of solidarity. After not seeing a man fall to his death on the highway our sensible citizen cheers like he just watched a new Olympic sport for the first time.

“Good job, buddy! Get everyone a drink from the back! WOO!”

If we are being honest here, it is damn impressive to climb out of the cab, into the bed, and back in at highway speeds. Also, they are in Florida in the fast lane, there is no telling the speed they were going during the entire thing.

Florida Man Gonna Florida Man

At this point, “Florida Man” has become a bit of a meme and a revered title. There are stories of Florida Man finding an iguana in his toilet. There are stories of Florida Man being attacked by a gator and surviving. Hell, Florida Man is even suing McDonald’s for their McNuggets. However, seeing him in the wild is something completely different. The only thing that you can do, is pull out your phone and start recording.

While there is no telling what may happen once you cross that imaginary line called the Florida state line, the best thing to do is to keep your head down and go along with it. If a dude starts to climb out of a Chevy Silverado doing 85 on a 65 to get a beer, make sure they don’t die and cheer them on. Honestly, we all have a little Florida Man in us.

When you take your shirt off and hop on an ATV promising your friends, “I still got it,” that’s the Florida Man in you. Embrace it, celebrate it. Go out and do something wild (stay in your vehicle at all times while driving, make a homemade water slide of something like that or get a lizard, I don’t know). Florida Man can be anywhere.