WATCH: Wild Video Shows Virginia Deputy Lift Overturned Car Freeing Woman Trapped Underneath

by John Jamison

A Virginia Sherrif’s Deputy lifted a car off of a woman’s head while responding to an overturned vehicle Tuesday night. The Gloucester County Sheriff’s office released the bodycam footage showing Deputy Jon Holt in his heroic act.

The scene is hard to watch, though. The roughly one-minute-long clip shows Deputy Holt running over to the overturned vehicle. A child yelled to Holt, telling him that her mom’s head was stuck and that she couldn’t breathe. Another child remained inside the vehicle with his mother. After getting the other child out of the car, and with no other immediate options, Deputy Holt did the only thing he could do.

He heaved with all of his might, and he was able to unpin the mother’s head from the roof of the car long enough to let her loose. The amazing feat of strength is the type of thing we see in movies or hear about mothers doing for their children in life or death scenarios. But to have it captured on the bodycam footage is extraordinary to behold.

“He said she can’t breathe and you know, calling to his mother and at that point had her head was pinned underneath the vehicle. At that point, I put my shoulder into the doorframe and braced as best I could and I said, ‘All I have to do is just stand up.’ That’s what all I was telling myself, and at that point with as much effort as I could, I tried to stand up and stood up enough so she could free herself and was able to start breathing,” Holt told WVEC-TV.

The video isn’t overly graphic in terms of visual injuries. But due to the circumstances, it is emotionally charged and may be hard to watch for some.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Virginia Deputy Jon Holt is a Perfect Example

He pulled off an incredibly heroic act. But if you asked Deputy Holt, he’d maintain that he was just an average cop doing something any average cop would do.

“I’m just an average cop and you know, it’s what we do. And thinking of doing anything different is you know, out of the question,” Holt said.

“The driver was laying underneath the vehicle with her head pinned by the sunroof. Seeing the trauma her child was witnessing, Deputy J. Holt went into overdrive,” a statement from the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office read.

It’s not the first time Deputy Holt has gone into “overdrive,” however. Apparently, he ran into a burning building last year and saved the lives of two people. Though, Holt is no stranger to the stresses of his job. He served in the Virginia Army National Guard and spent time in Iraq.