WATCH: Wisconsin High School Students Show Off Incredible Lineup on ‘Drive Your Tractor to School Day’

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Jared Ward / EyeEm)

When these Wisconsin high school students celebrate “Drive Your Tractor Day” they certainly go all out! It was a fun day for dozens of high school students in one Wisconsin town. This comes as they had the chance to drive their tractors to school for a day. And this school district is proud of their tractors no doubt, showing off the impressive pieces of farm machinery in an awesome viral video.

Spirited Video Shares Students Wisconsin High School Students Who Are Proudly Showing Off Their Farm Equipment On ‘Drive Your Tractor to School Day’

How often do high school students get the option of driving their farm tractors to school legally? Not very often for sure. But one Wisconsin school district is having a blast as dozens of the Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District high school students proudly drove their massive machines to school Thursday. The video depicts the impressive lineup of tractors. Each one arriving that day as the participating students all head into the school’s parking lot.

According to the Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District high school administration, more than 20 tractors were already in the school’s parking lot early Thursday morning. The county Sheriff’s Department was on hand to support the students during the unique celebration.

Hero Teen Saves Helicopter Pilot After The Copter Crashes Onto The Tractor He Was Driving

One Washington teen became a hero this summer. This happened as he saved the life of a pilot who crashed into the tractor he was driving. Logan Schneider was working in his family’s cherry orchard when he spotted a crashing helicopter headed straight toward him. Thankfully, he was able to think quickly, saving his life along with the life of the helicopter pilot.

The teen was hard at work, equipped with noise-canceling headphones when Logan heard what he describes as “two thumps”. At first, he had no idea the tragedy that was about to unfold. However, Logan soon became very aware of the seriousness of the situation.

“I looked up and that’s when I saw it,” Schneider recalls in a discussion with The New York Times.

“As soon as I saw it coming down on me I was like, ‘Oh no, this is definitely gonna hit me,’” the teen recalls.

Schneider also spoke about the incident with Seattle’s KING-TV. In this discussion, Schneider remembers how the helicopter was pinning him against the tractor’s steering wheel. Logan recalls that he was “stuck with the nose of the helicopter sitting right here.”

Thankfully Schneider was thinking fast, freeing himself from the devastating wreckage. He then focused his efforts on helping the helicopter pilot who was still buckled into the machine.

“I heard him screaming,” Schneider recalls of the pilot who was hanging upside down in the wreckage.

“I looked and I saw him … upside down hanging,” the teen recalls. “Fire was everywhere. When I was in the moment I really wasn’t thinking. I was just doing.”

According to reports, the Hiller UH-12E helicopter crashed after it became entangled in power lines. Both the pilot and Schneider were transported to a local hospital. However, the injuries were non-life-threatening.