WATCH: Woman Bit by Iguana During Beach Yoga Session in Hilarious Video Goes Wildly Viral

by Megan Molseed

A moment of meditation went hilariously haywire for a woman recently. And the internet can’t get enough of it! The now-viral video shows the hilarious moment when a curious lizard approaches a woman doing yoga on a Caribbean beach. Maybe the iguana was curious, or maybe it thought the woman’s finger was some yummy food. Either way, the lizard lept and decided to take a nip out of the woman while she was in the middle of a yoga pose.

A video that captured the moment shows the woman working on a yoga pose on the Bahama beach as an iguana approaches her. Her outstretched hand clearly intrigues the little animal as it lunges forward and nipps the woman’s hand.

“Ow, he bit my f—ing finger,” the yogi screamed immediately after the lizard hopped up, taking a nip right out of her finger.

The video then shows the woman shouting at the confused lizard; the woman then and tosses sand in the iguana’s direction; in an effort to scare it away.

The hilarious moment was shared on Twitter by the woman last week. And the internet couldn’t get enough.

A Funny Moment When An Iguana Takes A ‘Bite’ On The Beach

While the iguana’s fearless leap and the unexpected bite do look quite hilarious, the woman shared that the iguana’s bite is a bit deeper than it initially seems to be on the video.

According to her tweets, the unexpected nip broke the skin enough to make her finger bleed. Bad enough, the woman noted, that she was prescribed antibiotics by her doctor.

“I get bite from an iguana today,” the woman said on the initial tweet. Who fittingly, goes by the Twitter name “Da Iguana Gal.”

Not long after the original post, the woman shared another video of the same incident. This time from another angle.

“Y’all here’s an angle my friend caught lolll,” Da Iguana Gal wrote on the video. Someone off-camera does ask the woman if her finger was bleeding. She says no, at first. But, according to the post, the iguana’s bite did cause her finger to bleed not long afterward.

Some viewers questioned the woman about whether or not she saw the iguana before the unexpected “attack.” It turns out, iguana’s are all over this particular beach, so to see one approaching her mid-pose didn’t create any concern.

“To be clear, there were iguanas all over the beach,” the woman wrote. “Ppl go there to feed them all the time.”

An iguana bite is pretty uncommon overall. And, while the bites can be painful because of the lizard’s sharp teeth, their bites are not dangerous.

They are neither poisonous nor venomous, notes Reptile Valley. A website dedicated to providing information for pet iguana owners.

So far, the hilarious video has garnered 196 thousand likes on Twitter. And thirty-five thousand retweets. I bet the iguana had no clue how famous it would become from just a little nip!