Woman Miraculously Survives After Crane Falls on Her Car in New York City

by Shelby Scott

A 22-year-old woman is lucky to be alive after a crane working a nearby construction project failed and its arm came crashing down on her car while waiting at a New York City stoplight. Footage shows the terrifying incident, revealing just how close the woman was to potentially facing serious injuries or even death.

CNN news anchors pointed out that, in watching the gutwrenching video a second time, there had also been a lucky passerby right near the 22-year-old’s car at the time of the incident. Fortunately, he was also able to avoid the falling wreckage.

One witness, who’d rushed over to aid the woman in the vehicle, said, “I expected to see somebody dead or something, or crushed. [But] a few seconds later, [a man] pulls her out and she was a little but confused herself—surprised that she made it.”

According to the news outlet, the crane failed around 10:30 Wednesday morning. Soon after the crane arm failed and the New York City woman rescued from her car, construction on a nearby site halted. The outlet states 29 workers also evacuated the site out of precaution. The debris also took down a traffic light and spilled rebar on the road.

An investigation by the Department of Buildings reveals a boom truck was lifting rebar onto the roof when it failed. Aside from the driver and passerby that avoided the crane, the incident put multiple New York City citizens at risk. The department also identified multiple safety violations, shutting down operations higher than 75 feet.

As for the driver, witnesses stated had she been any closer, the aftermath could have been fatal. Fortunately, she only sustained minor injuries.

Semi Bursts Into Flames After Soaring Over Texas Overpass

While the 22-year-old New York City motorist involved in the crane incident Wednesday managed to walk away from the wreckage unscathed, another motorist in Texas was not so lucky.

Earlier this week, dashcam footage caught the moment a semi-truck sailed over a TX overpass after colliding with another vehicle. The semi shockingly burst into flames before even hitting the ground.

The crash took place 30 miles north of downtown Dallas. Sadly, it proved fatal for the truck driver while the motorist that collided with the semi was unharmed. The fatal crash occurred around 3 p.m. local time.

Speaking out about the violent crash, Allen Police Department offered their thoughts in a statement. “We thank the officers working diligently to process the scene to ensure these notifications can be made in a timely manner. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the victim’s family and friends as they deal with their loss.”

Authorities identified the truck driver involved in the crash as Gustavo Gomez. Gomez’s wife, Helen Torres, tributed her husband on Wednesday, sharing Gomez had driven for Bancroft and Sons Transportation.

“He was a very hard worker,” she recalled. “He always has been for his family. Whatever it was, whether it was driving across the country or not, he always made sure we were taken care of and provided for.”

Torres’s loss is especially hard as the couple began dating in1987 and were later married in 2001. Gomez is survived by two of his own children and three stepchildren as well as his wife.