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Well Wishes: Ohio Veteran Celebrates His 100th Birthday

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Eddie sanderson/Getty Images).

Every birthday is worth celebrating, of course. But there’s something really special about taking 100 trips around the sun. Robert Turner of Dayton, Ohio is celebrating that big milestone today from the comfort of the Dayton VA Medical Center. With the help of the wonderful VAMC staff, the World War II veteran is getting the party he deserves.

Turner served in the US Army as part of the medical team for three years during WWII. He revealed that his only regret is not having served longer. It’s a dream come true to live to see 100, he says. “I could barely sleep!” And according to Robert Turner, there’s really only one secret to living a long life.

Hospital Staff Treat the WWII Veteran to a Special Lunch

The Dayton VA Medical Staff took to Facebook to share a video from the celebration. It shows Robert Turner cozy in his bed as he gets surprised with a special lunch. The meal includes fish, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

The thing is, no birthday celebration is complete without a cake. No need to worry, though. The staff made sure to take extra care of the veteran on his special day and treated him to a slice of chocolate cake while singing “Happy Birthday.”

You can catch the heartwarming video here:

“Trust in God,” Turner says. “The man who created heaven and earth.”

At the end of the day, that’s his secret to living the most fulfilling life.

“That’s it. Love your neighbor. Love everybody.”

It mirrors the same advice that another WWII veteran gave back in September when he celebrated his 105th birthday. “[The secret is] treating everybody right and doing the right thing in life,” Harry White previously told NBC Washington.

They might be onto something here…

People Are Flocking to the Comment Section to Send Their Well Wishes

In the video, a few greeting cards can be spotted wishing Robert Turner a happy 100th. Presumably, they came from family, friends, and hospital staff. Now, other community members and internet strangers are also flocking to the comment section to make sure the veteran feels special on his big day.

“Congratulations on making triple digits like my father did at the VA in 2019,” one person writes. “Happy Birthday, Mr. Turner. You are now a Centenarian!! Thank you for the inspirational advice.”

Another person also shared a sweet memory that the two of them previously shared together:

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Turner!! Your voice is just as strong and clear as I remember from Shiloh Baptist Church singing in the choir.”

If you’d like to send Mr. Turner some birthday wishes, you can do so by accessing the Facebook post up top and leaving your well wishes in the comment section.