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West Wing Star Bradley Whitford Attacks Brett Favre’s Support for Donald Trump

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Prior to Election Day, Brett Favre is showing up on Twitter with a message for his followers. Some are taking notice, like The West Wing actor Bradley Whitford.

The NFL Star Brett Favre shared his support for President Trump with an endorsement that came last month. This came after he spoke with the President about his thoughts on certain sports issues and ratings.

In the tweet, Favre talks about the second amendment and the freedom of choice. Actor Bradley Whitford disagrees with Favre’s message about freedom and sounded off with this response.

“Don’t talk to us about freedom, @BrettFavre. FFS. You support a President who is doing everything he can to make it harder to vote. And pays $750 in taxes. And spends over $350,000,000 of taxpayer on golf.”

As a matter of fact, The West Wing star might know a thing or two about politics after starring on the hit show for several years.

Brett Favre and President Trump Talk Sports, Share Love for Golf

Brett Favre believes that the drop in NFL ratings is due directly to the fact that there’s been an underlying political theme to this season. However, the Hall of Famer seems to continue to interject politics into sports by joining Trump in a Presidential Town Hall from the White House.

They chatted about ratings and how politics should be left out of sports. Trump said that it’s something that both the franchises and the athletes should sideline.

Earlier this year the two played a round of golf this summer at Trump’s course in New Jersey. Favre even commented on Trump’s golf game by saying he’s “pleasantly surprised” at his performance and speed.