What It’s Like Living in the Coldest City on Earth

by Hannah Heser

Yakutia, a city in Russia experiences extreme cold all year-round. The temperature gets down to -95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is -71 degrees Celsius. Can you imagine living in a place that is that unbelievably cold the entire year? Neither can I.

Throughout this YouTube video, one of Yakutia’s residents, Dayana, takes us on a journey with surviving in the coldest city. It’s absolutely necessary to wear the right clothing here, so no one freezes to death. I’m sure their wardrobe looks a lot different than ours does in America.

The Journey Through the Extremely Cold Russian City

Are you ready to witness cold that you’ve never experienced before? Well, Dayana will show you everything you need to know in order to survive in Russia’s below-freezing town.

First of all, how many of you want to go out and have a good time in the winter, but still want to look approachable? Yeah, so does Dayana! But in order to look good, she still needs to wear multiple layers to protect herself from the weather. After all, it’s still possible to take some of the layers off once inside a certain place.

As she shows us each article of clothing, she starts with pants that almost look like snow pants. “It is difficult to look very feminine in them,” she says. In other words, you wouldn’t expect a girl in the United States to wear snow pants out to a bar or party.

Next, they have a certain type of boot that is made from reindeer skin to keep warm.

Dayana also mentions that a woman in Yakutia normally has two looks. One is a fur coat mink or fox fur, while the other is a more casual style with a down jacket. As a result, the casual look is a lot cheaper than the first. If you were going to live in this city, which look would you choose? I’d probably go to the more casual route, since it looks warm and cozy still.

While finishing up getting ready for the night, she shows a hat from fox fur, beaded mittens and a scarf.

Activities to Do This Weather

In addition to the outfits, she takes us to the coldest market in the world. This is where the fish and other frozen items remain naturally cold. At least they save money not having to purchase a freezer.

However, the workers have to stand outside in the cold for the entire day.

In order to get around town, Dayana takes the public transport system. Luckily the engine of the bus is able to start at this temperature. Usually, vehicles have trouble with this in the winter, at least from a few experiences.

Overall, living in this cold weather every day seems like a struggle. But she makes the impossible look possible.