‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Called Los Angeles Audiences ‘Jaded,’ Explained Why Show Travels

by Halle Ames

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak isn’t one to hold back his feelings. He once called the show’s audience in Los Angeles “jaded.”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the technical definition of jaded is “made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by having or seeing too much of something.”

Pack Your Bags

However, the location of Wheel of Fortune has changed three times since first airing in 1983. The popular game show started with its NBC Studio in Burbank, California.

After only six years, the show was taken over by CBS and thus prompting another move. This time Wheel of Fortune found its home in Los Angeles.

By 1995 the hit show was back under NBC’s network. With this trade-off, the show made its last move to Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California. It has been in Culver City ever since.

Pat Sajak Explains Why the Show Travels

In a 2008 interview for LAVA 105.3 radio station, Pat Sajak gives insight into why the Wheel of Fortune goes on the road and how many times a year. 

“Yeah, we tape in Culver City, California, which is just outside Los Angeles, down near the airport, and that’s where we generally tape. Two or three times a year, we tape the show on the road. The next time we’re going on the road is in December (of 2008). We are going to Sea World, down in Orlando, so another nice spot to go in the winter. So, we’re not stupid, and the travel is nice.”

Is Los Angeles Getting Tired of The Constant Entertainment?

While Pat Sajak says he enjoys Los Angeles, the fans feel “jaded” by the constant television presence after all these years. He noted that the change of location and audience helps “recharge” his battery. 

“I mean, Los Angeles is fun to tape in, but you know, LA audiences are kind of jaded. Everybody tapes out there, and they are kind of used to television. So when you come to a place that doesn’t get a lot of television shows. They’re very excited to have you. We work in big venues like this, and it just kind of recharges your battery.”

With 30 seasons and over 5,000 episodes under Wheel of Fortune’s belt, the family-favorite show isn’t running out of excited viewers or contestants anytime soon!

Who would have thought the show would be such a success decades later? And the best part is that Wheel of Fortune isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Season 50, where are you?