‘Wheel of Fortune’: This Contestant Once Shocked Audience With ‘Loveless Marriage’ Story

by Josh Lanier

Pat Sajak was just hoping to get a quick introduction from a new contestant on Wheel of Fortune when things turned into a therapy session. The host asked how things were going when the man unburdened himself on national television.

“I’ve been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-ax named Kim,” contestant Blair Davis told Sajak in a 2019 episode. “She cursed my life with three stepchildren: Star, RJ, and Ryan, and I have one rotten grandson.”

“Yay! No wonder you came here, you just wanted to get away from everybody,” Sajak replied before letting everyone else in on the joke. As Davis clarified “I love (my family) like nobody’s business.”

In fact, he said he keeps his beard long because his “rotten grandson” likes it that way.

“Every time I threaten to shave it off, he gives me a really hard time,” Davis said.

“Don’t let it get tangled up in the wheel,” Sajak said. “That’s all we ask.”

Wife Was in on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Gag

Davis’ wife, Kim Davis, knew what Blair was going to say, she told The New York Post. She even suggested it to him.

“I already knew it was coming,” Kim said. “Everybody [at home] laughed.”

She joked that they call each other names around the house. The “battle-ax” bit is “one of the nicer” names, she added.

“We watch the Wheel of Fortune all the time and people are always saying, ‘my gorgeous wife’ or ‘my handsome husband,’ ” she said. “I told him not to say, ‘my gorgeous wife,’ because I didn’t want the audience to think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s not gorgeous. Why would he say that?’”

Blair said the idea came to them after seeing “how politically correct [contestants] are for their loved ones” on the show. He wanted to have a little fun and be “a little more realistic.”

They were just looking to have a little fun but weren’t suspecting it to go viral with everyone seeming to have an opinion on the joke. Though, the $6,000 Blair won on the show probably helped heal any lasting wounds.

“We thought cracking jokes was normal,” Kim said. “Apparently, it’s not.”

Davis and his wife Kim met in 2005, Blair said. They run a trucking business together in California.

“I fell in love with her the moment I saw her,” he said. “My wife is extremely intelligent and really beautiful. I’m lucky to have her.”