‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch 2020 Contestant Hilariously ‘Declaring Victory,’ Fail Puzzle in Epic Fashion

by Halle Ames

Rewatch this absolutely hilarious moment when a Wheel of Fortune contestant excitedly “declares victory” but epically fails.

Wheel of Fortune or Misfortune?

In 2020, a Wheel of Fortune contestant named Alex Lisenko was feeling pretty confident after he thought he solved the puzzle correctly. The contestant held a solid lead against his competition with $7,500.  

In the last round of Wheel of Fortune, the two-word phrase included 16 letters. By the time it came to be Alex’s turn, you could see the delight on his face. 

He guessed a “Y” and was rewarded with one. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak begins to chuckle.

The board looked like this “D_CL_RING _ICT_R_,” and Alex smiled in anticipation.

“I’m ‘declaring victory,'” Lisenko states with a grin as he throws his arms over his head. 

The out-of-time buzzer chimes in, and Pat Sajak quickly moves on from the contestant who stood there, stunned. The next contestant, Amanda, swoops in and guesses a “V.” She solves the puzzle, which is “declaring victory.” 

“Yeah, that’s it,” replied Sajak. “There you go.”

Alex is still looking around like he has just seen a ghost. He eventually realized that he had accidentally added the word “I’m” when solving the puzzle. Any die-hard Wheel of Fortune knows this is a cardinal sin. 

It’s like answering a Jeopardy question by not starting with “What is…”

Social Media Lights Up

Naturally, Wheel of Fortune fans took to social media to laugh about the blunder. 

“I almost never watch Wheel of Fortune anymore, but, as luck would have it, I just witnessed a gem. Glorious.” 

“My face when he said, “I’m declaring victory.” #WheelOfFortune” 

“Another classic wheel of fortune L “I’m declaring victory” lmao.” 

One viewer was not happy with how the show handled the situation. However, it’s like we said, Alex broke the cardinal sin of the show.

@WheelofFortune, you totally crapped that guy out of the money for not allowing him to win when he said, “I’m declaring victory.” That is a bad look for you. We are very disappointed in your show.”

However, although the moment was funny, Alex is laughing all the way to the bank. He still won the game with ease, although the round did cost him $7,500. The Wheel of Fortune contestant went into the bonus round with $32,820. 

While the money is nice, he was unable to guess the final puzzle. Therefore Alex could not drive a new Jeep Compass Latitude to the bank… He will just have to settle for being $32,820 richer.