‘Wheel of Fortune’; Watch Contestant Win Hawaiian Vacation with Epic Express Round

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

One “Wheel of Fortune” contestant gambled with an epic express round and came away with a Hawaiian vacation.

Cindy took a risk and finished strong with her answer on the “Living Things” category. She solved the puzzle with Native Plants and Animals. The woman threw her hands up and celebrated a little.

Even host Pat Sajak sensed she was closing on her win and Kauai trip.

Oh, the Wheel of Fortune fans are a wild bunch. One called Cindy out for going slow, but I’d give her props for confidence and being clear on her answer. (See below)

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the bonus round and a Mini Cooper car. The category was “Thing,” with the answer being Giant Jackpot. 

Oh well, no car, but winning a Hawaii vacation will be another great “Wheel of Fortune” memory.

Contestant Goes From Wrigley to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ 

Peter recently came on the show, and Sajak made an instant connection with him.

Both men came from Chicago, and Peter revealed himself to be a former Wrigley Field vendor for Chicago Cubs games. Peter went on to talk about how peanuts were a hard sell for him because another, older vendor came by and got all his business. 

“I know the guy you’re referring to,” Sajak replied. “Yeah, I grew up there. I went to the games a lot. I know exactly who you mean. Had I known you were there, you know, with all those peanuts, I might have bought one from you.”

Over the years, Sajak may have traded his sports allegiances to his new hometown Dodgers in more recent years, but that’s ok.

Fans A Little Miffed At Sajak

You have to give Pat Sajak a little slack sometimes. The 74-year-old has hosted the show for a record 38 seasons, and sometimes he makes mistakes too. 

Could he make 40 years? We’ll have to see. Both Sajak and co-host/letter turner Vanna White have contracts until 2023-24.

Recently, Cinemablend took note of one Nov. 18 episode. When contestant Steven solved one puzzle with “Quality Craftsmanship,” he said without the S.

Pronunciation is crucial on the legendary game show, and many on Twitter sticklers were quick to point out the booboo. But it was bothersome for many fans because Steven made the same mistake on a previous turn. He left the S out again. 

Well, Sajak missed both those S letters, and the contestant got away with both words. Would a stagehand be able to go correct Sajak? Probably not.

But Steven did get saved. Instead of an $8,000 deficit, he earned $9,000 from the puzzle win and leaped into the Bonus Round.

Steven was nearly $8,000 behind the eventual second-place finisher before that puzzle netted $9,000 and sent him to the Bonus Round. 

But it’s the “Wheel of Fortune” inconsistent enforcement of the rules that Cinemablend says take opportunities away from other contestants. 

Maybe Sajak will think about retiring sooner than later if the criticisms pile up.