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Which States Have the Cheapest Gas Prices?

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Gas prices have been through the roof lately due to Russia’s attack against Ukraine. So, which states have the cheapest gas prices at this time?

At a Glance

  • Gas prices are on the rise due to conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • The national average gas price on March 8 rose to $4.173.
  • Some states are seeing gas prices over $5.
  • States with the cheapest gas are still hovering under $4 per gallon.

These States Have the Cheapest Gas Prices

We already know that states along the coast are getting hit hard with high gas prices. Given that information, you could probably guess that the Midwest is experiencing relatively low prices right now. You’d be right. While California, New York, and other states are paying more at the pump, our landlocked states have it a bit easier.

In fact, the 10 states with the lowest gas prices are all in the middle of our country. You can check that list below:

  1. Oklahoma: average gas price of $3.719
  2. Missouri: average gas price of $3.734
  3. Kansas: average gas price of $3.738
  4. Arkansas: average gas price of $3.774
  5. South Dakota: average gas price of $3.791
  6. Nebraska: average gas price of $3.801
  7. North Dakota: average gas price of $3.811
  8. Iowa: average gas price of $3.818
  9. Wyoming: average gas price of $3.836
  10. Colorado: average gas price of $3.836

As you start to head towards either coast, gas prices begin to rise. Prices eventually get higher once you make your way to the ocean, but they gradually rise up until then. For example, the average price of gas in CO is $3.836 today, March 8. Just one state over, in Utah, the average gas price is $4.013. There’s a major jump when you hit Nevada, with gas prices reaching $4.674. And, of course, then you get to CA. The state is facing extremely high gas prices, with an average of $5.444.

Cheaper gas prices extend to most of the Southern states, as well. Throughout the region, the average gas price is hovering around $3.90 to $4.15, according to AAA.

White House Won’t Ask Americans To Stay Home

Amid these high gas prices and fuel shortages, many have been wondering if the White House will ask Americans to stay home. According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, “we’re neither going to make a prediction nor are we going to tell Americans to stay home.”

Other government officials are in favor of asking people to stay home. For example, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries thinks that asking people to work from home would be helpful. Jeffries suggests that the federal government and private businesses should encourage their staff to work remotely. That way, the demand for fuel would go down and prices would be able to stabilize. The idea was quickly shot down by Psaki.

This is only the beginning of gas price surges that are supposed to peak later in the year. According to experts, we’ll be seeing $4 gallons of gas until at least November.