White House Easter Egg Roll Returns: Joe Biden Administration Inviting Families to Grounds After 2-Year Hiatus Due to COVID-19

by Megan Molseed

The historic White House Easter Egg Roll event is returning to White House grounds this year. This news comes after the event faced a 2- year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last two annual White House Easter Egg Roll events have been canceled by presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden due to safety concerns related to the pandemic. However, the event is now back in full swing. And, next weekend, families will be traveling to the presidential palace for the big Easter celebration. This beloved event includes a variety of events such as the egg rolling race; commemorative photo opportunities; storytelling and numerous other easter-related activities on the South Lawn of the White House.

The Highlights

  • The Annual White House Easter Egg Roll is scheduled for Monday, April 18
  • This annual Easter event has been a longstanding tradition at the Executive Mansion for well over 140 years
  • The event started in 1878 after President Rutherford B. Hayes instituted an order that allowed children to roll eggs on the White House lawn in celebration of the holiday.
  • The tradition, however, started years prior to the order as the egg rolling tradition initially began on Capitol Hill

The White House And President Joe Biden Is Welcoming Children Back For the Annual White House Egg Roll Celebration

It’s been two years since children have joined the president on the White House lawn to participate in the beloved annual Egg Roll tradition. And now, the White House is excited to announce that after the COVID-19 related hiatus, the event is back and in full swing!

“The first Easter Egg Roll of the Biden Administration will be held on Monday, April 18th,” notes the White House Easter Egg Roll webpage.

“Children and families from across the nation will once again gather on the South Lawn of the White House for egg rolling, storytelling, picture taking, entertainment and fun activities,” the website notes.

The Annual Egg Roll Event Has Been A Big Part Of Tradition For Over 140 Years

This annual tradition started in the 1870s on one of the nation’s most famous hills, Capitol Hill. During this time Capitol Hill became a popular area for children to gather each Easter holiday rolling their eggs – and sometimes themselves – down the hill on Easter Monday. Over the next few years, this post-Easter Sunday event grew more and more popular. Eventually, President Rutherford B. Hayes issued an executive order that any child who wished to roll their Easter eggs on the White House lawn would be allowed to do so.

Since then, the event has grown into a major event, with each president hosting a big bash on Easter Monday. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Easter Egg Roll event has seen a handful of cancelations. Some of these cancelations are due to wartime situations or inclement weather.