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White House Gift Shop Selling ‘Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID’ Commemorative Coins

by Jacklyn Krol
Jabin Botsford, Getty Images

President Donald Trump is getting his own “defeats COVID” commemorative coin at The White House Gift Shop.

The White House Gift Shop and His Coin

People can now pre-order a “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID” commemorative coin. The coin is a part of the “Historic Moments in History” series and retails for $100.

Each coin comes with a presentation case, limited number edition on the side of the coin’s edge, and certificate of authenticity. At the time of this article’s publication, there is no image or preview of the coin available.

The shop was created back in 1946. Harry Truman supported the idea to raise funds for the police. It is now privately owned without any government ties.

The White House has two official government-sanctioned shops. The Visitors Flagship Store is located adjacent to the president’s home. The White House History Shop is located inside the Historic Decatur House. Both places offer a selection of memorabilia for purchase.

A Note From the Designer

Anthony Giannini created the coin series. Earlier this week, he wrote a letter to supporters on the website.

“For these past four years, I have created and co-designed the Historic Moments in World History Coin Art, Narrative Series, a series that chronicles historic moments in the unique presidency of President Donald J. Trump,” he wrote.

“Now, when we at WHGS first heard the sad news of President Trump’s positive COVID test, once again we had faith and prayed, yet we knew our President would find a way to knockout COVID in early rounds of this battle,” he continued.

“President Trump, as you know, is a fan of boxing, and the new coin design features more than a hint of superhero qualities in history’s most fascinating president,” he added. “President Trump, whether you are in his corner or not, is a sui generis—a one-of-a-kind, bigger than life, singular energetic force.”

The designer called Trump’s “defeat” of COVID-19 “iconic, universal, and heroic.”

“Like it or not, President Donald J. Trump is strong to a mythic level. Hence, my final coin seeks to convey the mythic core strengths of President Donald J. Trump.” He concluded that the design will remain a mystery until its release.