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White House Mocked for Cringe-Worthy Fourth of July Cookout Tweet

by John Jamison
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The White House’s official Twitter account posted a pun-filled Fourth of July tweet that left many confused. It seems that the claims from the social media team aren’t necessarily lining up with what the Department of Agriculture has been reporting.

Needless to say, the tweet received a fair amount of backlash from annoyed social media users. The White House account touted the impact of the current administration’s economic plan by saying that a 4th of July barbeque would run Americans $0.16 less than last year.

But according to recent numbers from the USDA, the consumer price index for groceries is actually up from this time last year.

The White House cites the Farm Bureau as their source for the figure. But whether or not that number is accurate, it likely wouldn’t have mattered. Twitter folks were cringing at everything from the “Ketchup on the news” line to the seeming insignificance of a $.16 savings.

One Twitter user pointed out the fact that gas is more expensive now than it was last year. The White House failed to factor a grocery store commute into the apparent cookout savings. And politics aside, if the “ketchup” pun didn’t make people shake their heads, then “Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish” definitely did.

As a result of the cringe-worthy tweet, the backlash on social media is surprisingly somewhat bipartisan. Even though the tweet was calling attention to what The White House sees as an administrative success, folks from both sides of the aisle found it laughable.

The White House’s Tweet is Not Something Very Many ‘Relished’

The tweet is trying too hard. People are reading it as being insensitive to what many see as an impending inflation crisis. That’s the only possible explanation for the amount of vitriol it has produced in less than a day.

Economics aside, Twitter users tried to look away, but when they read “It’s a fact you must-heard,” there was no ignoring The White House’s lackluster attempt at being punny.

“Don’t go out and spend that $0.16 all in one place,” one Twitter user wrote.

“1. This isn’t true. 2. Even if it were true I can’t believe you’re trying to claim $0.16 is a win,” another added.

And a number of politicians scoffed at the tweet, as well.

“With an unprecedented humanitarian crisis at our border, soaring gas prices, and more out of control spending that will cripple our future generations, the Biden Administration is bragging about saving us $0.04 on sliced cheese,” wrote Utah Representative Burgess Owens.

“Good news: you can save 16 cents on the groceries for your cookout this year. Bad news: the gas to get to the store will cost you 42 [percent] more than last year,” Alabama Representative Jerry Carl wrote.