White House Urges Canada to ‘Use Federal Powers’ to Resolve Freedom Convoy Situation

by Shelby Scott

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and amid the excitement preluding tonight’s game, rumors spread earlier this week about an American truckers’ convoy headed to SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. In response, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security deployed 500 agents to Los Angeles. Now though, officials believe the potential movement “ran out of time,” the protests likely getting quashed before they could begin.

However farther north at the U.S./Canadian border, Canada’s Freedom Convoy continues to blockade Ambassador Bridge connecting Ontario to Detroit, Michigan. Now, among increasing supply chain shortages, the Biden administration has urged the Canadian Prime Minister to disburse federal forces to dismantle the blockade.

The Freedom Convoy endured into its fourth consecutive day on Thursday. As a result, it significantly impacted American and Canadian economies, the bridge serving to convey 25% of all trade between the two nations.

According to the New York Post, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met amid the demonstrations. The pair discussed the tense situation with representatives from the Canadian government.

As per the outlet, the two Secretaries urged PM Justin Trudeau and Canadian officials to “use federal powers to resolve this situation.” Simultaneously, they offered the full support of DHS and the American Transportation Department.

Officials Prepare to Deploy Law Enforcement to Disburse Blockade

Further, the Detroit Free Press reported an end to the trucker convoy‘s blockade may not be far off. Nonetheless, tensions rise.

Windsor’s Mayor, Drew Dilkens, advocated for a peaceful conclusion to the protests earlier this week. However, as the blockade endures, he did state he was ready to deploy law enforcement officials to move the protestors. His announcement comes with claims the convoy’s participants are trespassing.

So far, the news outlet reported a total of 23 arrests had been made as of Wednesday evening. Ottawa police further warned protestors may be “arrested without a warrant” if the blockage continues.

In addressing the protestors, Dilkens previously stated, “You are welcome here.”

However, from the perspective of The Canadian Trucking Alliance, many of the protests have not been peaceful. Alliance representatives claimed many of the demonstrators aren’t even members of the industry.

Back in Windsor, law enforcement previously Tweeted, “We have additional resources deployed from outside jurisdictions for the purpose of helping support a peaceful resolution to the current demonstration at and near the Ambassador Bridge.”

Truckers’ Convoy Harms International Economies

As we know, inflation has made attaining certain necessities and assets more difficult and now, with a quarter of American imports delayed at the Canadian border, economies on both sides have begun to suffer.

PM Trudeau supposedly met late Thursday with Canadian officials regarding the “illegal blockades and occupations.”

“They’re harming the communities they’re taking place in,” Trudeau emphasized. “[T]hey’re hurting jobs, businesses, and our country’s economy.”

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, stated, “In Michigan, our economy continues to grow because of our hardworking people and innovative small businesses. [However, n]ow, that momentum is at risk.”

She Tweeted, “My message is simple: reopen traffic on the bridge.”