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Why Dog the Bounty Hunter Isn’t 100% Convinced Brian Laundrie’s Remains Have Been Found

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images via Getty Images)

After over a month of searching for Brian Laundrie, authorities found his remains in Florida’s Carlton Reserve on October 20th. They located skeletal remains along with some items that belonged to Laundrie. Reports stated that the search party found the bones in an area that had been covered by floodwater for weeks. This explains why it took so long to find them.

Additionally, it was one of Laundrie’s favorite places in the park and in the area where his parents told authorities he would be. The FBI positively identified the remains a short time after their discovery by using Brian’s dental records. This knowledge allowed many to move on from the case. However, Dog the Bounty Hunter isn’t so sure.

Recently, Dog the Bounty Hunter participated in a charity stream for the YouTube channel Popcorned Planet. While on the stream, the reality TV personality discussed why he isn’t convinced that the remains actually belong to Brian Laundrie.

“How do you hope there is justice for Gabby in this case?” Andy Signore, the stream’s host, asked Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog said, “Well, it’s a split decision on whether those bones are Brian’s.” This seemed to surprise Signore who asked, “You’re humoring that?”

Dog the Bounty Hunter replied, “No, I’m just a split decision. I’ve made enough right decisions in my career to afford a couple wrong ones. But, I would say that there’s something absolutely wrong in this case.” He went on to say that the Laundrie family thinks the FBI agents in the case are “a bunch of Keystone Cops,” referencing the classic silent films about incompetent police. He seemed to be implying that Brian Laundrie’s parents are trying to pull a fast one on the FBI. Keep in mind that the FBI identified the remains.

Why Dog the Bounty Hunter Thinks It’s a ‘Split Decision’

Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn’t believe that Brian’s parents are mourning correctly. As a result, he thinks they’re hiding something. About that, he said, “If one of my kids were in that position – just bones – I would be screaming my head off. ‘I want a DNA. I wanna know if that’s my baby…” However, the Laundries accepted the FBI’s dental match.

This fact prompted Dog the Bounty Hunter to say, “The emotions that are shown, the questions that the Laundries are asking, does not match a parent who just lost a child.”

Furthermore, Dog the Bounty Hunter claims that the “partial dental” match just means “there’s teeth,” according to his dentist. Additionally, he said that Brian Laundrie’s dentist was also his uncle. Dog seems to be alluding to a massive family cover-up on the part of the Laundrie family. Watch the clip above to hear his version of all of the facts of the case.