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Why Gabby Petito’s Friends Don’t Want Remains Found in Florida To Be Brian Laundrie’s

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Following the news that remains have been discovered along with some items belonging to Brian Laundrie, a friend of Gabby Petito says that she hopes that the remains are not of the 22-year-old woman’s missing boyfriend. 

During an interview with People, Alyssa Chen, Gabby Petito’s friend, said, “If Brian is dead, the problem is that no one will ever really know what happened or why it happened.”

Gabby Petito’s friend also said that if the remains are in fact Brian Laundrie’s, the 22-year-old’s loved ones will never have answers or know what actually happened between the former couple while on their road trip. “That’s why I want him to be alive. Because we won’t get answers otherwise. It’ll be a double tragedy for him to be dead.”

The FBI announced on Wednesday (October 20th) that items belonging to Laundrie, as well as human remains, were found. Everything was discovered in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. Michael McPherson of FBI Tampa confirmed that the remains are human. But he was not able to determine if it was Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend. McPherson explained that an evidence response team is now on the scene, and likely will be there for several days.

Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta, appear to have been with the authorities when the items and remains were discovered. The Laundrie family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, also shared with the press, “Chris and Roberta will wait for the forensic identification of the human remains before making any additional comments.”

Other Friends of Gabby Petito Speak Out About the Human Remains & Brian Laundrie’s Belongings 

While also speaking to people, Ben Matula, a friend of both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, states that if the remains are Laundrie’s, the missing 23-year-old year did not want to face the music. “He had a lot of things he had to account for. And he can’t do that if he’s dead. Except to God. If he’s meeting his maker, I hope he got things right before he died. But death is the easy way out.”

Matula also agreed with Chen that he actually hopes the remains are not of Brian Laundrie. “Because that means he never has to answer for what happened to Gabby [Petito].”

Civilians last reported sighting Laundrie on September 13th. This is less than two weeks after his return from the cross-country road trip without Gabby Petito. The days following his return, Laundrie refused to speak to authorities about Petito’s whereabouts. 

Gabby Petito’s family filed a missing person’s report on September 11th. Laundrie told his family he was going to go on a hike in the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, Florida. He disappeared just days before authorities discovered Petito’s remains in Wyoming. Authorities consider Laundrie a person of interest in the case.