Why Is ‘Boycott Amazon’ Trending on Social Media?

by Emily Morgan

You may have noticed that “Boycott Amazon” is trending on social media. We’re here to fill you in on the details. This week, Alabama Amazon employees at the Bessemer warehouse are voting to decide on unionization. As a result, many of the employees have started a campaign urging people to boycott the corporation.

After Amazon tried to keep workers from organizing its first-ever union, many are planning to stand in solidarity. A weeklong boycott of the company is set to begin on Sunday, Mar. 7, and will continue until Saturday, Mar. 13.

Pro-Union Employees Use Social Media To Boycott Company With #BoycottAmazaon

On Mar. 3, news of a boycott spread like wildfire and has prompted many customers not to use any of its products, including its video streaming service, Prime Video, and its smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa Echo. The goal of #BoycottAmazon is to get people to “support Amazon workers and let the company know that we do not approve of their union-busting tactics.”

Additionally, according to Peoples Dispatch, Amazon has a long history of thwarting any talks of unionizing. So much so that the company hired anti-union consultancy firms and fired employees calling for better working conditions.

According to Stuart Applebaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), Amazon also carried out “the most aggressive anti-union effort I’ve ever seen” against attempts at unionization. It was also reported that Amazon altered traffic lights outside the warehouse to increase “maximum green lights” as a way to hinder pro-union protestors.

Over 3,000 workers at the warehouse have signed the petition calling for their “interest” for a vote on unionization. Employees have until Mar. 28 to cast their vote. If RWDSU can get the necessary votes, it can help foster similar unionization efforts at the Alabama warehouse in addition to others.