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Wisconsin Police Officer Hailed As a Hero After Saving 79-Year-Old Man from Burning Home

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Alexander Sayganov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day they head to a shift. Typically, they remain unaware of what awaits them. In a daring rescue, a Port Washington Police Officer has earned the title “Hero” after rescuing an elderly man from a burning home.

Reportedly, the police officer, identified as Officer Tony Becker, had been performing a routine patrol in a Port Washington neighborhood. Becker’s patrol took place around 5:40 p.m. on Sunday. That’s when he suddenly heard cracking and popping sounds which were immediately followed by a fireball.

The nearby disruption alerted the officer that one of the local homes had caught fire. Quickly, he headed toward the blaze to offer his assistance.

According to People, the officer soon found a residence with its entire south side “fully engulfed in flames” according to the police station’s Facebook post detailing the event.

PWPD’s post continued, stating, “As the officer approached the home, the garage door opened and the 74-year-old female resident exited telling the officer her 79-year-old husband was still inside.”

Body camera footage features the woman panicked, telling Becker her husband was downstairs.

Despite thick smoke and intense heat, Officer Becker entered the home anyway. The department’s Facebook post stated, “The individual appeared to not know where the officer was.”

Soon enough, the officer entered the thickening smoke. He succeeded in his effort to pull the man out rather than waiting for the elderly man to locate him. Footage shows the man emerging from a stairwell as another explosion resounds in the background.

PWPD’s Officer Becker Earns High Admiration

Thankfully, both Officer Becker and the elderly man emerged from the burning home unharmed. However, the police officer received treatment for smoke inhalation following the occurrence. Regardless, following the scary incident, Becker returned to complete the rest of his shift.

Following the event, PWPD praised the brave man. The department’s post further read, “[Becker’s] efforts exemplified PWPD’s commitment to human life above everything else. Thank you Officer Becker.”

The elderly couple’s neighbors further praised the brave officer’s efforts. Their neighbor Barbara Patterson highlighted the true significance of Becker’s rescue.

She shared with news outlet WTMJ, “I hate to say this but if [Officer Becker] hadn’t done this he would have been dead…Without a doubt.” The sentiment is gruesome, however, she continued, “The smoke was so thick that [it] alone would have been catastrophic.”

As far as the elderly couple’s condition, all appears well so far. The news outlet reported that the couple currently resides with their children while authorities see to the damage of their home.

Outsider further commends Becker on his valiant efforts as, from the mouth of PWPD, “House fires are dangerous scenes that can quickly become deadly.”