William Shatner ‘Deeply Disappointed’ He Isn’t Yet the Oldest Person to Ever Go to Space

by Brianna Vacca

It’s no secret that William Shatner has been around for a long time. The actor is striking another item off of his bucket list – going to space.

For years, he has been living in space, well on TV, for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek. At 90 years old, he will be the oldest person on Earth to go to space, breaking a record. He will be taking the crown off of Wally Funk’s head, who flew on the New Shepard in July at 82. However, he is disappointed that the trip had to be delayed due to harsh weather conditions. He was delayed by a day.

On Sunday, Blue Origin issued a statement that the flight had to be postponed due to forecasted winds at its launch site. It’s set to launch now at 9:30ET on October 13th from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in Texas.

Shatner told Good Morning America host TJ Holmes who pointed out the delay was only for a day, “I am deeply disappointed because I was building up the enthusiastic response and now I’ve got to wait another day, but as you said, is really worth it.”

Referring to Shatner’s character on Twilight Zone’s “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” the actor says, “I plan to be looking out the window with my nose pressed against the window. The only thing I don’t want to see is a little gremlin looking back at me.”

The famed actor will be joining tech entrepreneurs Glen de Vries, co-founder of software company Medidata, and former NASA engineer and co-founder of satellite company Planet Labs Chris Boshuizen. Blue Origin’s Vice President for New Shepard mission and flight operations, Audrey Powers will also be on board.

Who is William Shatner

William Shatner is best known for his role in Star Trek as Captain James T. Kirk. Over the span of six decades, Shatner has acted in “T.J Hooker,””Rescue 911,””The Practice,””Boston Legal,” and more. He’s also the host of “The UnXplained,” on the History Channel which delves in aliens and all things unknown. Given Shatner’s television resume, this trip to space and back isn’t unpredictable. In addition, Shatner pursued a musical and spoken word career having released eight albums.

Although the actor is very excited to go to space, he is immensely nervous. He told New York Comic Con last week, “I’m terrified! I know I am Captain bloody Kirk, and I’m terrified!”

You too can hitch a ride aboard the New Shepard for just $28 million a seat. The rocket is now set to launch at 9:30ET on October 13th from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in Texas. Viewers can watch the launch live at Blue Origin’s website or Blue Origin’s YouTube channel.