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Willie Robertson, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star, Chops off All His Hair and Reveals New Photo

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Paul Morigi / Stringer)

Willie Robertson, star Duck Dynasty, is sporting a brand new look. The 48-year-old stunned his family, friends, and fans this week with an “after-quarantine haircut.”

Since gaining popularity on the Robertson family’s hit A&E series, Willie has had shoulder-length hair and a long beard. The father of 5 traded in his long locks for a drastically shorter cut and majorly trimmed facial hair.


Willie’s wife, Korie, shared photos and videos on social media explaining that it was the “first time [she] had seen his neck in 15 years.” He even bought a new shirt so that the rest his of brood “wouldn’t recognize” his clothes when surprising them.

Korie’s post reveals many of the family members’ initial reactions to seeing Willie’s new hairdo. The first clip shows Willie surprising his wife as she gets into her car. “What in the world,” she says. “Oh my goodness, it looks good!”

While Korie may have been shocked to see her husband’s new look, she definitely seems to be a fan of it. “I love this man,” she writes. “He’s cute and he always keep life interesting.”

Willie’s Kids’ Reactions

In another clip, the couple’s daughter Bella, 17, walks right past her own father without knowing who it is. Bella then drops to the ground in laughter upon seeing her father’s new look.

Sadie, 22, was “shocked’ when her dad rolled up alongside her car in a parking lot. Christian Huff, Sadie’s husband, was equally stunned. “Is that a wig,” he asked.

The Transformation

Willie shared a video on Instagram of the hair cut transformation. He writes that “everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too.”

In the video, Willie talks about the perks of chopping off his hair. “I cannot wait to go to the store, and no one knows who I am,” he said. “I’ll be so excited.”


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