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Willie Robertson Shows off Massive Buck From Weekend Hunt in Texas

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

The Buck Commander star posts his impressive harvest to Instagram – a massive Texas buck worthy of celebrating – alongside another impressive bag from pal Grant.

Willie Robertson of Buck Commander fame “had a blast hunting” this past weekend with deer expert friends at Buck Book.

Buck Book proclaims their “whitetail experts will age and score your deer while it’s alive using your photos.” This is, without a doubt, a very useful service to hunters if accurate. For what it’s worth, Willie & co. seem to be big fans of the company. Their hunt together this past weekend taught Willie quite a bit. The avid outdoorsman says he “learned so much on their deer aging process”.

officialbuckcommander: What a fun weekend in TX with our friends from @buckbook_ ! We had a blast hunting with those guys and learned so much on their deer aging process. And the 🍒 on top, Willie and Grant put a couple down! Swipe ↔️ to see! #BuckCommander

Buck Commander

Buck Commander boys bag two big bucks with bows

The outdoorsmen harvested not one, but two impressive multi-point whitetail bucks this past weekend in Texas. Posting to their official Buck Commander Instagram, Willie can be seen holding his massive buck up while beaming with pride.

The following photo shows colleague Grant Taylor with his own solid harvest. While smaller, the whitetail is still an impressive specimen. One thing’s for certain – field scoring is probably a whole lot easier with gents from Buck Book in your party:


If Willie’s choice of weapon looks odd to the untrained eye – that’s because it’s archery season for white tail in Texas. This fall season runs from Oct. 3rd to Nov. 6th, and permits hunters to harvest these deer with arrows only. Whether that’s with a compound bow, crossbow, or the like – is up to the hunter.

White-tailed Deer Seasons in Texas

According to Texas.gov, the seasons for white-tailed deer break down as follows:

GeneralNorthNov. 7 – Jan 3.
SouthNov. 7 – Jan. 17
Special LateNorthJan. 4-17
SouthJan. 18 – Jan. 31
Archery252 of 254 countiesOct. 3 – Nov. 6
Muzzleloader90 of 254 countiesJan. 4-17

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